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September 13, 2009

Thursday and Friday

On Thursday, Ryan and Mitchell met with Dr. Yeager for another in-depth info meeting.
Dr. Yeager went over the entire process and the risks that come with the transplant. When they were done it was time to sign away.

Mitchell signing his Bone Marrow over to Ryan

Karen, the Transplant Coordinator Nurse

Karen has been great in getting everything scheduled and answering questions.

Dr. Yeager and Karen


Friday, Ryan got to see Max for the FIRST time since Tuesday.

He was REALLY excited!
(Hallie has been sick so we kept both kids away for a few days)

Whenever Max comes to visit, you are sure to find him doing this:

He ALSO touches EVERY button, looks in each drawer, pulls on every chord, pushes and climbs on the chairs, puts on gloves... Basically, he plays with all the fun "TOYS."

Bye Papa...

...See you tomorrow!

***Go TEAM RYAN***


Seth and Julie said...

WOW! I just want to hug Mitchell right now. Yay Mitchell! You rock!

And big hugs to the rest of you too.

Katelin said...

Cute pix--Max is such a doll! Hooray for brothers--what a blessing that he's a match and that he can do this for you!