Follow along and read about how Ryan spent his final days surrounded by those he loved the most... his FAMILY.

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May 18, 2010

Memorial Service Information

There will be two services- Arizona and Wyoming


When: Saturday May 22, 2010
Where: Sahuarita LDS Church
17699 S Camino De Las Quintas
Time: 10-11:45- Viewing
12pm- Funeral Service


When: Wendsday May 26, 2010
Where: Schwab Funeral Home
44 East 4th Avenue
Afton, WY 83110
Time: 7-9pm


When: Thursday May 27, 2010
Where: Smoot LDS Church
3166 State Highway 241
Afton, WY 83110
Time: 10-11:45- Viewing
12pm- Funeral Service

May 17, 2010

Ryan peacefully passed away today after fighting the good fight.

I know so many of us prayed and hoped for a miracle of healing in this earthy life... Yet, there were miracles happening before our eyes. I could go on and on about miracles that blessed Ryan and our family over the past year, but really, the past three weeks that we have had with Ryan were a MIRACLE.

Heavenly Father was listening and answering prayers. He blessed Ryan and our family, to have the time we needed to say goodbye... to laugh, to cry, to love and to make some cherished and unforgettable memories.

Ryan has returned back Home...he is free.

He is missed, loved and will never be forgotten.

Welcome Home my Love... Welcome Home

May 13, 2010


Point Mugu State Beach, California

This was a text that Ryan sent back to a friend today who asked how things were going:
...took a two hour nap on the beach...ate fresh cherries and whole milk... LIFE IS GREAT!

***It REALLY is***

May 11, 2010

Prayers for the Harder's

I have been in contact with a mother whose son was diagnosed with the same Hepatosplenic T-Cell Lymphoma as Ryan.

She notified me to let me know that Rob had fought the fight and courageously returned to be with our Father in Heaven once again. He is HOME, back to where he can live peacefully, free from sickness and pain.

Although I have never had the privilege of meeting Rob, I KNOW that he is a fighter and that he will be reunited with his family once again.

Please keep the Harder family in your prayers, so they can continue to receive the strength and peace they need at this time.

~God Bless You Harder Family~

May 7, 2010

Feeling SO good...

I cannot even begin to tell you how wonderful another week has been.

Ryan is doing so well that we are going out.

Yes, you read that correctly.

We are GOING out on a date!

Yay Ryan... Yay Me...

Yay US!


May 3, 2010

This past week...

This past week has been AMAZING!

Ryan is still feeling well and we have been having an unbelievably good time with him.

We are so grateful for all these good days. Heavenly Father is answering prayers by allowing us to have this time with Ryan.
Memories are being made that will NEVER be forgotten.


Thank you friends and family for all the love you have shown our family.

Thank you for all those who have provided meals, helped watch our children, donated Federal Leave, given financially and so MUCH more. We are so grateful for all those who have offered prayers on behalf of our family.

Our family has been continually blessed from so many generous, loving people.