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September 9, 2009

Fever Fever go AWAY

Ryan seems to like fevers, or else fevers like him...

He had been inside for three days straight trying to fight a fever and was READY to get out...
He enjoyed some time outside watching the kids swim.
Other than that outing... the weekend was not well spent.
Saturday he was running a temp of 103-104 and Tylenol would only bring the fever down a degree or two. His oncologist had put him on two different antibiotics hoping to kill whatever could have been causing the fevers. Then Sunday and Monday came and nothing changed. By Tuesday, after being miserable with high fevers, extreme nausea and chills, he called the doctor.
Because Ryan was not getting better with the antibiotics he was taking, they wanted him to come in immediately for some IV antibiotics. After seeing the state he was in, they decided it was best to admit him.
UMC @ the University of Arizona

This is the floor where Ryan will call "HOME" for the next few weeks
After several tests, they believed he may have an infection in his Groshong catheter. They decided it would be best to remove it.
Here he is getting a chest X-ray
They took him down to the Interventional Radiology Lab where they numbed him up and pulled the catheter right out.
Now that Ryan no longer has a Central line, they need to put in an IV for fluids and meds. Not having the Central line means that every time he needs blood work they have to stick him with a needle. Unfortunately, that is quite often.
Ryan will be getting another catheter line put in next week in order to prepare him for the chemo, meds and fluids he will receive during transplant.

Finding a good vein


Dr. Yeager (Ryan's transplant oncologist) feels that these fevers are mostly cancer related at this point. So far, all tests have come back negative and after giving Ryan some steriod meds, his fever finally began to come down.

They will continue to treat him with antibiotics, as Ryan continues to fight off these NASTY fevers.
Transplant is still on schedule to begin on Monday


Ryan trying his hardest to smile...
*Keep smiling ~ Keep fighting*
we LOVE you


Seth and Julie said...

Dang it...admitted early? Sorry about this yucky setback.

Big prayers for a successful transplant that takes these fevers away FOREVER!

Love you guys!!!

Stacey Mom said...

Take care Ryan, I'm sorry you have all these fevers right now. You will be in my prayers!


Emily said...

I will be praying for Ryan and his family especially during the transplant.

The Collard Clan said...

I felt sick the other night and complained...I'm a whimp! I can't even imagine what you must be going through, But I know that the lord wont give us trails that we can't bear. You will find strength that you never knew you had. Hang in there buddy.

Agnes said...

Not Fun!!! Dang Fevers!! You were in our family prayers this evening and we will continue to keep you in our prayers.


Tim, Agnes and Kids

Tanya said...

Keep up the fight! Your amazing! Your in our thoughts, and prayers. Love ya!

Aubri said...

We love you guys and keep praying for Ryan. If we can do anything, even though we are far away, please let us know!

The Kindle Family said...

Good luck! Go TEAM RYAN! We are thinking of you always! Nice to have YOU right a post!