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September 19, 2009

Good Day

It's me again.
I had another rough night with fevers, and night sweats.


I got to see both Hallie and Max. I was able to keep breakfast and dinner down.
This might not seem like a good day to you, but it is the little things like this that make each day a good day. Sometime in the future I will post a letter that a friend gave to us that she wrote while going through cancer and it describes so well what a "good day" is.

I had been fasting since this morning because they wanted to do an abdominal Ultrasound this afternoon. Finally at 6:00 p.m they decided to cancel the ultrasound for today, and fit me in the schedule either tomorrow or Monday. So for dinner, Margie got some lettuce wraps from PF CHANGS- it was my first time having them and they were pretty good.

Well this is all. As always thanks for all the prayers, support and service.

Love Ryan


Mindy Burns said...

Awesome! I'd like to think that I had something to do with the lettuce wraps....:) When you're all better, we'll have to treat you to a dinner AT PFChang's! I'm sure Hallie and Max loved seeing you too! Glad you're feeling up to posting!

Seth and Julie said...

Seeing the people you love and having yummy food that stays down is a good day. Sometimes we just get used to those simple pleasures and forget to be grateful. You are helping me to see and appreciate my blessings more fully.

I am SOOOO HAPPY that you feel better today!!!!

Here's to more GOOD DAYS.

webster said...

YEAH!!! so happy the feaver finally broke... wish there was some way I could take on one of those feavers for you.
I bet your kids sure were excited to see you too, they are so stinkin cute!!
Keep fighting for those good days!!
Love you guys!

The Kindle Family said...

Ooh! We LOVE the lettuce wraps from PF Changs! Glad you got to have them last night! It's great that things are going well! Have a great Sunday!

Tornado Alley said...
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Tornado Alley said...

We're so glad you had a good day! We're praying more of them come your way. Family and good food make for the best days!

With love,
The Varela's

Miranda said...

So good to "hear" from you again, Ryan. I really enjoy getting your perspective on things. Thinking about those lettuce wraps makes me hungry. We're thinking about you this week!

Kristen Ann said...

I'm glad the wraps stayed down or you may not ever want them again! Keep fighting, we'll keep praying.

Jennifer said...

yeah! i am so glad that you had a "good" day! you needed one. we love you!

The Collard Clan said...

Margie is amazing!! PF changs lettuce wraps could put a smile on anyones face. :-) I love those things - plus anything if better than hospital food. Keep on truckin' - the road is long but you are making headway. Wish there was more we could do.

Vanessa Binder said...

Hey Ryan, I'm in San Jose, a friend of the Martinez's. After reading the blog about the night sweats, what comes to my mind is that as you and Margie grow old and gray together, you'll REALLY be able to relate to her night sweats when she goes through that wonderful adventure of menopause. What a lucky woman she will be to have such an understanding husband!! Good luck to you on your Bone marrow transplant. I have no doubt its going to be fine. Stay strong. All the Best, Vanessa Binder

Kim Thacker said...

In the future, I'm going to focus more on those little things that make my days good days! Thanks for helping us all keep it in perspective. I'm glad you enjoyed some PF Chang's lettuce wraps. So yummy! If there's anything we miss about living in a bigger city, it's the good food! Sending love and prayers your way.