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September 14, 2009

Saturday, Sunday and Day -9...

I have to apologize for the long post ahead of time. I am a little behind and playing catch up...bare with me.

Because Hallie had been sick, she was not able to come and visit. With Hallie being older, she understands a lot more of what is going on with Ryan. She is concerned about his health, his happiness and she wants to do everything in her power to make him feel better. She writes him the cutest little notes, calls him, draws him pictures and of course, prays for him daily. She even got her own e mail account to write him messages! Not being able to come and visit was hard for her and every day she asked when she would be able to come. So finally, when Saturday rolled around, she was one HAPPY girl!

On her way in to the hospital

So happy to FINALLY see Dad
Saturday night, Ryan opened a gift and was so excited to get a University of Wyoming hat.
It wasn't just ANY University of Wyoming hat...
it had a special embroidered name on the back:

His childhood nickname
After another night of fever and chills, Ryan woke tired due to a poor nights rest. He got ready for the day and still managed to get in a few laps around the floor.

gowned up and ready for a walk

Lap #5
(16= 1 Mile)
His potassium levels are low, so he is now gagging on these each morning:
2 of them to be exact
He was in better spirits when he was visited by friends from church and then the entire family.

In honor of Ry...
Mitch shaved his head
The other set of "twins"
Talking with his lil' girl

DAY -9
(Monday the 14th)
So what is this Day NEGATIVE 9 business? That is how they track the day that Ryan is on during transplant. The actual day of transplant will be Day ZERO (September 23rd).
Day -9 is the day Ryan was SUPPOSED to be admitted. It was also they day Ryan had his new triple Hickman Catheter placed.
getting the IV in his arm taken out before the cath placement
Look at that SMILE!
Why a 3 line catheter?
1 will be used ONLY for an immunosuppressant that will run continuously. The other 2 are for chemo, IV fluids, meds and blood draws.
The placement went really well. He is a little sore but VERY excited for
As he left to get his catheter placed, his mom and I got busy trying to transform his room to make it more "his own." He will spend the next 4-6 weeks here, so we wanted to make it as FUN and home-y as possible.
This is what he sees from his bed
He started his chemo last night @ 10pm. He will have 7 FULL days of high-dose chemotherapy.
It will be administered EVERY 6 hours for the next three days, until the NEXT type of chemo begins...


Kristen Ann said...

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family!!

Erin S said...

Love the yellow gown with the red shoes - very stylish Ryan! Margie, you did a great job decorating his room! Looks tons better! Love you guys!

Tornado Alley said...

What a great idea to decorate his room. It looks awesome and I'm so glad that Hallie got to see her daddy! You're in our thoughts and prayers!

Seth and Julie said...

Okay, I don't know why, but seeing what you did to Ryan's room just made me bawl!

Ryan, you have the most AMAZING family. Love and faith heal, and you have an abundance of both.

Keep fighting!

Tanya said...

The room looks great,you did wonders to it! Ryan, I just love the picture of you and Hallie on the bed. You've got some pretty precious photos. Love the facial hair:)!

peter said...

Thats one good lookin hat! I had actually been looking for a good one, but I guess that will have to do for now. Keep it up, we are all praying for you. I had two patients ask about you today, you are missed here at the VA. Stay strong.

Mindy Burns said...

Great, informative post Margie! Thank you for giving us the details cause some of us just don't know! The room looks GREAT and that will be a great support to him I'm sure! Can't wait to come visit and see it in PERSON!
You are both in our prayers.....

TheTexasSpud said...

Ryan-I hope you are doing well man!
Kepp up the fight. I am cheering for you.

Lisa and Mike said...

Love the hat, and the room. Now who wouldn't want to stay in a room like that?! JK. I'm sure its not home sweet home, but it looks great for a hospital room! Good luck with the next couple weeks Ryan! We're always thinking and praying for you guys and thanks for keeping us so well updated!

Us Willis' said...

Keep up the fight. Fasting and prayers work! I know its how Ben was able to pass the boards :) We love the room. What a great idea. Margie you're such a sweet wife! Ryan is lucky in that respect. We miss you guys in Kenosha! Please let us know what else we can do. WE LOVE YOU GUYS!!!

The Collard Clan said...

Margie - Great job on the room. I bet that makes all the difference for Ryan. Keeps him focused while he's taking a beating. :-) You are amazing!! I hope you realize how much people are rooting for you too. Your fight may be a different struggle...but you are both fighters. Stay strong.
Ryan - Show this cancer who's boss, I'm sorry you have to go through all of this, especially all those nasty doses of Chemo this week but keep smiling and don't let it beat your spirit, thats something chemo cant touch.

Katelin said...

That room is seriously awesome!! I'm sure that helps a lot to have more than plain, white walls and hospital stuff to surround you. Good idea! Sounds like Hallie is being a very brave little girl--you are all awesome! Love you!

Heather said...

Your room is so cool. Would be easy to keep a smile on with those cute kids staring at you all day!! Love the picture of you and your daughter. Your kids are beautiful!! Hang in there!

Travis Rasmussen Family said...

Ryan and Margie, our thoughts and prayers are with you. We check this blog daily and we're sorry we haven't made contact until now. We showed Caden a picture of Hallie and told him that she was his first friend and neighbor. He didn't say much but we sure remember our time as your neighbors and wish you the best in this trial. GO TEAM RYAN HESS!! Love, Travis and Beth Rasmussen

Jennifer said...

Margie, the room looks awesome! you are amazing, not just for the room, but how you have handled this whole trial. we are so proud of you, i don't know if i could be a strong and posative! We are sooo blessed to have you in our family.