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September 16, 2009

Day -8 and Today (Day -7)

DAY -8

Ryan woke up tired after another LONG night of fevers and chills. He also woke up feeling the affects of the chemo... very nauseous.

The nurse is gowned up after hanging the chemo

Every time we see the nurse gown-up to hang or take down a bag of chemo, we stare. It still surprises us that something so toxic to the touch is what flows through Ryan's body...CRAZY!


Not sure if it is all the anti-nausea meds or the lack of sleep, but Ryan pretty much slept the majority of the day. Even when the nurses were changing the dressing around his cath he slept.... and even managed a little smile.


DAY -7

More fevers, more chills, more chemo and more nausea

make for one worn out Ry.

He slept for majority of the day and when he was awake he felt sick. He did eat a little for dinner and even got in two laps around the floor.

It has been six weeks since his last round of chemo and his hair just started to grow back over the past few days. Ryan has really enjoyed not having to shave ALL summer long. But not to worry, a few more days of this high-dose chemo will surely take care of that.

After talking to several friends, they were telling me how much they enjoyed reading Ryan's posts. I relayed the message to him tonight and asked him to write a post for today (Weds).

Sadly, he was too weak and too tired. So I asked him what he would say. As he was closing his eyes and kind of chuckling under his breath, he said,

"All I would write is, I feel like CRAP."

A little while later his nurse came in to hang more chemo and said, "Hey if there is one way to do chemo... it's to SLEEP THROUGH IT!"

Ryan totally agreed.



LISA said...

Time goes by faster when you sleep through it! This is a tough way to avoid buying Margie a birthday present...LOL You know I'm kidding!
It's almost done. You show us all courage and bravery! I like the wall of very nice!
Hugs and kisses from CA..T Family

Us Willis' said...

Only one more week! I pray the time will go by fast for you. I know it probably hasn't been fast at all so far. Keep sleeping :)

Emily said...

Keep going! Keep Strong!You can do it!!

Elizabeth said...

You have a beautiful and amazing family, Margie. We're praying for you all.

Tornado Alley said...

We're sure thinking about you guys! You are all so strong and we're praying that you'll be feeling better soon!
side note...One of my dad's favorite sayings is: "Life is a crap sandwich and every day you take another bite." Just wanted you to know that from reading your blog... we're holding life more dear and appreciating those crappy days more!
Hang in there!
With love,
The Varela family

Seth and Julie said...

I was wondering about all the new scruff on Ryan's chin. I didn't realize hair grew back so quickly after chemo.

I love the sleeping grin. I hope Heavenly Father is giving him lots of beautiful dreams during this ordeal.

Did I miss your b-day Margie??? Dang it, I do that every year.

peter said...

Keep on sleeping, I am jealous of the hair on your face I can't even grow any. Stay strong. Keep it up.

Sarah and Michael said...

Love you guys!!!

jill said...

Good luck! A bonus of the sleep during chemo (at least in my case) is an amnesia of sorts about the whole experience. I think it's a blessing from the Lord. I hope you see many more headed your way - blessings, that is. :)

Sara said...

I love your honesty Ryan!

Margie I really appreciate you documenting everything and sharing it with all of your friends and family! I LOVE checking your blog! Your family is amazing, and I can just feel the love and support you have from all over!

I can only imagine how hard this time is in your lives, but I know you are strong and you are fighting! I have no doubt that both of you have a testimony of Heavenly Father's plan for you and your family. You are amazing examples of perseverance, faith and never giving up hope.

Your family is in my daily thoughts and prayers! Good luck and keep fighting!

Go Team Ryan!!!

Mindy Burns said...

We love you both and are so impressed and lifted by your strength! We don't know exactly how you feel, but can only imagine the emotional roller coaster this is on both of you....I guess one of the positives is that if you can get through this together, you can through ANYTHING! Ryan definitely better make up next year for sleeping through your birthday this year! :)

Heather said...

Go team Ryan!!! If feeling like crap is a good thing, then I hope it continues.