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September 29, 2009

If I could just...

I think we have all said that:
"If I could just..."
For Ryan, just when he passes one hurdle, here comes ANOTHER.
It's never ending.

We often think:
If he could just get rid of the night sweats, he could sleep.
If he could just get rid of the fevers, he would feel good.
If he could just get rid of being nauseas, it would be a good day.
But one thing is for sure, Ryan never complains.
He takes it, deals with it and fights like MAD to get through it.

Now that the night sweats and fevers are gone, and the nauseasness is under control... here comes mucositis.

What is mucositis?
It is, best summed up by Wikipedia, as painful inflammation of the mucous membranes lining the digestive tract, usually as an advers effect of chemotherapy. Mucositis can occur anywhere along the gastrointestinal tract, but oral mucositis refers to the particular inflammation in the MOUTH. Oral mucosits is common and often debilitating complication of cancer treatment.

Ryan expected this to happen, it was JUST a matter of time.
His mouth was starting to hurt a little yesterday.
He woke up this morning and had NO lining on the roof of his mouth... it was ALL sloughed off.
It has also effected his GI tract, so he is in pain everywhere.
To help ease the pain, they have him on a constant Morphine regimen. The sad thing is, this doesn't take away the pain completely, it just takes the edge off of it.

Ryan enjoying his lunch:
a mango/peach/banana SMOOTHIE

With Ryan's WBC (white blood count) being so low (having no immune system), he runs a huge risk of infection/sickness. With his platelets still low, he bleeds very easily (platelets help the blood clot). So this morning the Dr told Ryan that he was NOT allowed to blow his nose at ALL. (If he blows and it bleeds... it poses a HUGE risk of infection, and especially where it is SO close to the brain-not good). Every time Ryan just barely wiped his nose today... it bled.
They decided to give Ryan some of these today:

Well, on to happier things:
his weight this morning (in Kilos)

Look at his weight: what it WAS and then what it is TODAY
You can also see his WBC bottomed out at .1
an average healthy person has a WBC of about 10

Well here is Ryans weight:
That is a 38 pound weight loss.
38 pounds in just a few days!

His feet still have a little bit more to go, but he is feeling TONS better!

These guys are helping to soothe and relax him in the meantime:

No matter what though, he keeps on fighting.
There's a lot of these to be fulfilled:



Mindy Burns said...
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Seth and Julie said...

Ouch! I am thinking of how annoying a canker sore is...having no lining on the roof of your mouth...just sounds...OUCH!

Sorry about all the crazy side effects that are flaring up. Yay for the 38 pound weight loss though.

Keep fighting Ryan! Dang, I wish each of us could take a portion of this from you! Even though we can't help physically, we are all in the fight with you spiritually. Go Team Ryan!!!

Us Willis' said...

Why don't they just keep giving him platelets just to be safe? Is there any way that we can go to red cross or donate somewhere our platelets? Ryan is an amazing fighter! He's his own UFC champion!!! We love you guys

Tornado Alley said...

Poor Ryan! That sounds terrible. Keep up the good fight! We're praying for you.
2 Questions: How long does mucositis last? Can your body create a new lining for the mouth/GI tract?
We'll be praying harder that your wbc's go up, your pain will lessen, and that overrall you'll feel better.
Hang in there! We sure look up to you guys!

With love,
The Varela's

Katelin said...

I hate sores in my mouth, so I'm just imagining what he must be going through, but of course I can't. I know I'd complain. I'm with Julie--OUCH!! Glad the water weight is coming off, at least there's relief from that.

Heather said...

Go Ryan! Although we have never met you guys (I found this blog through the Thompsons, my husband and I actually live in Utah) I just wanted to say what a source of strength and inspiration you both are. I hope it's alright if I continue to follow your journey. I have a friend battling ovarian cancer for the 4th time..and I know how hard it is on her. I can't imagine what you both are going through. Your family is in our prayers and we wish you nothing but the very best.

LISA said...

Love you Ryan!!!! You are doing so good in working through all these phases!!! Is there something they can spray in your mouth to "freeze" it so you can eat/drink? You make us appreciate life even more! Keep yourself busy so you occupy your games :-)

The Kindle Family said...

Good job fighting Ryan! Hope your mouth gets better soon!

Lacey said...

Hey Ryan,
Our thoughts and prayers go out for you constantly. You are definately a fighter. Never give up! I have a friend going through her second round of cancer. It is very hard to see someone that you love going through such hard times. Just remember..."this too shall pass." It may seem never-ending, but you can do it. We all love you and your beautiful family. Our prayers are for them too. Take Care