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March 31, 2010

Counts that DONT want to come up

Yesterday, the mouth sores and cough still weren't improving much. Luckily, Ryan was not coughing nearly as frequently as he once was before. In the morning, Ryan started running a fever of 102...NOT good. The fever really has the team puzzled because they just can't get on top of this infection and figure out what it could be...

In order to find out EXACTLY what is brewing in those lungs, a bronchoscopy needs to be done:
They have been putting it off since Saturday because Ryan's platelet and WBC count are so low. They don't want to put him at risk of bleeding or getting an infection from the procedure, especially with these counts:

WBC- .2
Platelets- 11

It posses a HUGE RISK.

The pulmonary team is divided. One feels they need to be aggressive and should go ahead with the procedure. Another says, lets wait a day, give a more BROAD spectrum of antibiotics and hope this time...they get on top of it. The third Dr, who is the one we met with, feels torn...she did say though, if it were her husband, she would wait.

Ryan and I both didn't feel good about doing the procedure today. Instead, we put it off until THURSDAY. Hoping and praying that with some time, the new antibiotics will help to improve Ryan's overall health.

Since Ryan's counts were so low yesterday, he got blood products all day long. 2 units of red blood and 1 unit of platelets. They did labs after all the transfusions and his hemoglobin went up from 7.9 to 9.6, but his platelet count DROPPED!
It went from 11 to below 5!


He needed more platelets immediately and received more last tonight. The nurses and I kept a VERY close eye on him, to make sure he didn't bump into anything or fall.
(Platelets help your blood clot)

Meanwhile, Ryan received a blessing... something we are very grateful for.

After checking his counts after the 2nd platelet transfusion, they barely climbed from 5 to 7. So in the middle of the night, he received more. His platelet count today was 15.

After the 3 transfusions, his counts still aren't great, but 15 is not NEARLY as dangerous as a count of 5.



Ryan had a better day today. He ate a little breakfast, showered and was even awake enough to check the last two posts (and comments) on the blog. His mucositis, cough and pneumonia are all about the same. The team is HOPING his white blood count starts the upward climb very soon. They feel as his WBC rises, his mouth and pneumonia will improve greatly!

The team also feels that all the different meds may be doing their job and getting to that infection. Therefore, they feel the bronchoscopy may not be necessary, especially with his platelets so ridiculously low. This afternoon, Ryan had a chest x-ray done to check on the pneumonia. We should get those results back tomorrow...
At this point, there is NO action plan because Ryan's counts are ALWAYS changing.

Being in the hospital is no fun, but Ryan continues to be hopeful and still manages to be silly and make me laugh.

Before I left today, I asked him what he wanted for Easter. I think you know the reply:

"I just want to be out of here"

Keep up the fight Ry, and we'll keep up the prayers!



The Thomasons said...

Keep on fighting. You guys are amazing!

Amber said...

I can't imagine the pain and suffering Ryan must be going through and the pain and agony it is to watch him suffer Margie. You guys are enduring a trial I pray I never have to. Your faith and hope and positive attitudes impresses me more than I can express. Your family is in our thoughts and prayers. I know you have a lot of people in our neck of the woods (SV) praying for you daily. Hang in there and stay hopeful, faithful and positive. You really are an inspiration to others! Keep fighting Ryan!

webster said...

Keep up the fight! By the way...Your pictures from your trip home are great, love that you have all the pictures of Max in Ryan's clothes from when he was small, sooo cute! There is something so nice about being home, especially when home (like SV or Preston) is such a beautiful place to do a little relaxing and take in the peacefulness and scenery around you! Love you guys.

Scuffham Family said...

I'm not sure there's anything new to say...just that we're behind you 100% and are hoping & praying for the best. Your family is in our daily prayers & included in any of our fasts. We are so sorry for all the different types of pain that you are all having to go through. Stay strong.

Anonymous said...

And we just want you OUTTA there, too, Buddy, but hang in there. It's great to know exactly what they're doing for you so we can understand the baby steps forward and even the big steps back on some days. BUT, I know you have what it takes to make MAJOR steps forward. It just takes a little patience to let your body try and "fix" with all the medical expertize you're surrounded by right now!
Sending loving thoughts and warrior angels to help you fight those battles day by day. . .

Kristy said...

We will fast for you too - even if the days are full. I emailed the link above. Ryan, you and your family are amazing.


Gha said...

Rough couple of days....You are always in my thoughts and prayers. I'll be in at the Red Cross giving platelets on Monday, wishing they would actually go to you directly. Keep up the fight.

Kristen Ann said...

I'm sure this is so hard right now. Stay strong in mind and faith, keep up the fight and as always, you and your family are in my prayers.

Miranda said...

And yet, through it all, Margie finds time to be a killer soccer player. Ryan, I would say I could fill you in. But, as we both know, I don't really watch the game, I'm just there to gab. :)

Shanna Hurd said...

Hey guys!! It looked like you had a ball here in Star Valley!! Wonderful snow!! I love seeing all the smiles on your faces especially through all that you have gone through and are enduring now!! What a great strength and expample you are to others and to ME!!! You guys are such special spirits!!! Stay strong and have faith! The fast is such a great idea! I know a lot of us are partcipating!! Much love and CHEERING LOUD!! Go Team Ryan!!!!!
Shanna (Garrett) Hurd