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April 4, 2010

WBC on the RISE and some GOOD NEWS!

So the past few days we've been MIA...
Nothing new- the pneumonia was still lingering, Ryan's mouth was in pain and he had been recieving blood products EVERY day:
(Ryan's red blood is now stable, but his platelets continue to be VERY low)

Between the different meds and lack of sleep, Ryan was exhausted. Since we were not bringing the kids in to visit and he couldn't talk, he often texted Hallie and I to keep in touch. Here he is trying his hardest to text Hallie back:

During this time, Ryan started retaining fluid, gaining about 30 pounds in a couple of days.
So standing HURT like crazy:

Then, over the past few days his WBC went from
.3 => .5 => 2.1 Then today it JUMPED to over 4!

And when the WBC comes up, things start to get a little better!

He has been able to eat a tad bit more...

He was able to visit longer and go for walks...

Stay awake long enough to watch some conference...

But this is how I knew he was feeling better:

I was in bed resting and I looked up to see Ry on the computer. I asked him what he was up to and he replied, "Just reading..."

Me: What are you reading? (I was pretty sure I knew)

Ryan: Oh, just Motor Trend...

I KNEW he was feeling MUCH better to be reading articles and forums on the Motor Trend website :)

* * *

We decided to do something fun for the kids because it had been about a week since they last visited Ryan.

The Easter Bunny left a note saying that something special was waiting for them at the hospital...

They were able to see their Dad and get their Easter baskets. How great it was to be together as a family, not letting a hospital stay get in the way of our fun!


Ryan had a MUCH better day today.

He is improving so much, that he may be coming home in 2-3 days!

We have so much to be thankful for...
Happy Easter

***Go TEAM Ryan***


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, we were so glad to hear your news. Phil said, "What an amazingly positve lady!" That you are Margie. What great fighters and examples you are for us all! Thanks and keep it up. We keep praying.

V and Co. said...

that is fabulous news! yay! but those poor feet! ouch! hope those get better soon! ;) we'll keep praying!

Gha said...

I'm glad to hear the counts are up! Keep fighting! It was good to hang out with Mitch this weekend. We're happy for him, he's found a really nice girl. We'll keep our fingers crossed that you'll get to go home in the next couple of days.

Katelin said...

Yay for the counts going up, but not again for the water retention! That's got to hurt so much. Glad you were able to be together for Easter! Keep up the fight! Love you.

Heather said...

So happy things are looking better! Praying they continue to improve! Your strength and determination never cease to amaze!

Heather Bell said...

Hooray!! Glad to hear about good progress! Don't know how you do're an inspiration. All of you!

The Collard Clan said...

Happy Easter to your Family too! I thought about you guys all day sunday....Hang in there! I would love to join in the fast but I'm pregnant...but my heart is in it and I will keep praying for you guys!

Tanya said...

Yeah for being together! Hope you get to go home in a few days Ryan.

Kim said...

What wonderful news! I'm so glad you're starting to feel better, Ryan, and that the kids were able to come see you for Easter. Your poor feet! We're ALWAYS praying for you!

Seth and Julie said...

I have been out of town so I was happy to come home to find news of higher counts and to hear that Ryan will be coming home soon. I am so glad he was able to feel well enough to participate in Easter with the kids. I think you are doing such an amazing job keeping life as normal as possible for the kids through all of this Margie. With everything else that you have on your mind, that is remarkable and shows what a good momma you are!