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March 2, 2010

How's Ryan?

Hungry, thirsty, tired, feeling pain.

Yesterday Ryan had to fast all day long because of the liver biopsy. He had thrown up the night before so he REALLY had nothing in the belly. When he could finally eat yesterday, he couldn't eat much because his stomach has really shrunk from not eating much.

Then today, he was told he could have clear liquids until 10am and then, NOTHING else. Well, he went to bed at midnight after getting his IV in and then had some night sweats throughout the night... waking up at 9:15 didn't leave him much time to get any fluids in.

To help pass the time, the hunger and the thirst, he slept for much of today.

They were hoping to have him down between 12 and 2 for today's was pushed back until 3:30.

Right before they took him down for the biopsy, he had his vitals done. He was running a temp... SO, time for blood cultures, which is standard procedure to check for any infection that may be causing a fever. By this point Ryan was NOT feeling well. The combo of starvation, slight headache and a fever made for an uncomfortable Ry.

Around 4 they wheeled Ryan down to Ambulatory Surgery and about an hour later they started the biopsy.
The PA who did the biopsy said it went GREAT!

Tomorrow he will have his Pericaridal Window surgery. I asked if there is ANY way possible to move the surgery to a morning slot.... 3 days of fasting all day can't be good. So he goes in tomorrow at 9am!
I am now back at home and just spoke with Ryan briefly. He is coughing a ton and ready for some pain meds. I am praying for a better night tonight...

Throughout all of this, Ryan has been quite the trooper. I know he is a little depressed to be back in the hospital, but he is trying his best to just make the best of it.

Q and A are back...

Q: Will there be family coming to help any time soon?
A: First, I just have to say thank you to the friends that have helped with the kids so that it is possible for me to be at the hospital with Ryan. THANK YOU!!!

YES, Ryan's parents will be here tomorrow!!!:)

Q: What is the Pericardial Effusion/Window Surgery?
A: Pericardial effusion is the fluid around the heart. The reason for the surgery is to drain the fluid that is putting pressure on his heart. His heart cannot pump blood and work effectively with all the fluid, so they go in to drain it. While they are draining the fluid, they will also take a piece of the heart sac and fluid to biopsy. The biopsy will hopefully give some answers as to why he got the fluid in the first place.

Q: When will you have answers to the biopsies?
A: Hopefully a preliminary on the liver biopsy tomorrow! I will let you all know as SOON as we find ANYTHING out.

Thank you again for keeping Ryan and our family in your prayers.
Love to all!



Allen Fam said...

I'm so glad you have family coming. We are all here to help, whenever,whatever. Let Ryan's parents know to call if they need anything (even a break to take a walk around the lake together!)


Seth and Julie said...

Oh Margie, I was hoping to never see these kind of pics of Ryan again. Sending lots of love and lots of prayers!

Tornado Alley said...

We're so sorry that you are going through tests/hospital stays again. We haven't stopped praying for you and your family!
Sending our love, prayers, and best wishes,
The Varela family

Kim said...

We are praying for you, Ryan and family!

Mike and Lisa said...

I agree, we don't like to see THESE kinds of pictures! Our prayers are with you.