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March 27, 2010

Fast tomorrow

The Fellow came in this morning and said they had some results back from the CAT scan.

Ryan for SURE has pneumonia in the left lower lung and possibly some starting on the right.

The pulmonologist later came in to discuss what happens biopsy or not?

Ryan's platelets are still low and they worry about doing anything that can cause bleeding. They have decided to hold off on the biopsy until tomorrow and see if any of the new antibiotics will help.

They are getting the cough under better control and managing the pain very well. He is currently eating breakfast (YAY) and feeling MUCH better then yesterday (WaHOO!)

He will receive another unit of platelets today

We are going to be doing a special fast for Ryan tomorrow, please join and spread the word!

(LOTS of pictures below from our trip to Star Valley )


Ryanne said...

Definitely! Thanks for letting us participate.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for giving us all an opportunity to fast again together for Ryan.

Seth and Julie said...

You didn't even have to ask...we're in!

Tim said...

We will totally fast for all of you tomorrow. Ryan is in our prayers. we love you guys!

Scuffham Family said...

You guys were on our minds all day. You are a strong example to us always. Thank you for letting us participate also.

The Bloxham Bunch said...

There were many today fasting and praying for Ryan here in Washington.....and will keep doing so till all is well

Kim said...

You're always in our prayers! We love you!