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March 1, 2010

News and ramblings...

1)Liver biopsy- DONE
2)Bone marrow- Tomorrow
3)Fluid around heart drainage and biopsy- Weds

1) So after having to wait ALL day long, Ryan FINALLY had his liver biopsy. The last time he had it done they went in through the belly. NOT THIS TIME.
They went in through his neck, right at the jugular.
It went well and we should get results back in the next few days.

Since the biopsy was done so late, I was able to go home to pick up the kids and come back so we could have dinner as a family. I went and picked up the kids and a very kind someone made us a DELISH dinner and homemade bread. Ryan waited all day to eat and when we did finally eat around 6:30, we scarfed it. It was so great to spend time as family, doing a typical family thing...

~I just LOVE my family~

As I tucked Hallie into bed, she said, "Can we go eat breakfast with Daddy tomorrow?"
I laughed and said, "Hallie, it takes over a half hour just to get there, we would have to leave here at 5:30 to get you to school on time. PLUS, Dad would be sleeping then..."

Innocently she says, "Well, what about 10?"
I chuckle again, "Hallie, we can't go at 10, you have school."
Hallie: "I know, but that's when I have RECESS"

L.O.V.E that girl

2) The bone marrow will be done under anesthesia- WOOOO HOOOOOOOO!!!
You may not realize how big of a deal this is, but it IS! They first told Ryan they were NOT going to put him out for various (lame) reasons. BUT, after much discussing between us and them... and then amongst the "team," they decided they would schedule a room and an anesthesiologist for the procedure.

I have to say, that was probably the BEST news Ryan/we heard ALL DAY!!!
3) The fluid around Ryan's heart?
They don't know why it is there, but we DO know it needs to be drained. When it is being drained, they will also biopsy some in order to get some answers as to why the fluid is there. It is scheduled for Weds.

I texted Ryan at 10pm to see if he was still up
GETTING IV was his reply.

He texted me back 10:25
I've had two attempts at iv's so they are getting a different nurse

Then again at 10:45
They are getting a third nurse to try

FINALLY at 11:25
Ok they got it!

I know Ryan has LOVED having his CATH line gone. But I know it is times like this that he, and I am sure the nurses, wish he had his line back in! The "team" is considering putting one back in...

I SO miss this *guy*
I'll be back to posting more tomorrow... G'night.



Mindy Burns said...

So glad you stayed up so late to get all this posted so we're all in the loop! So much going on! I hate seeing Ryan BACK in that stupid hospital!!!!!! I'm sure you do too! I hope everything goes well...thank goodness they're putting him under for the biopsy! That is GOOD news!

LISA said...

I LUV Willie Nelson, good choice Ryan!! Bless little Hallie, that story is priceless! Hopefully soon you guys can go back to "normal". Hoping to see you guys this Summer????

Kristen Ann said...

I hated those vein pricks too! Veins can learn - mine would collapse as soon as a needle entered my skin. To me, the fluid around the heart is ok - I had that too. Kind of the body's way to protect what is most important. Of course you need to investigate everything. Hopefully you get answers soon! Hang in there, Ryan!

The Kindle Family said...

Thanks for the continuous updates Margie and Ryan, I am sure it is hard to share all the personal information that you do, but it sure helps your friends to be able to know what is going on step by step. If you didn't I am sure your phones would be ringing non-stop for updates. Are any of your families coming to visit or are you going to wait for the biopsy reports to come back. I am sure it is hard to be away from your family Ryan but you can hang in there and know that they are well because they have such a great mom!~Love, The Kindles

Seth and Julie said...

WOW! What a week Ryan has ahead of him, but he can get through this. Team Ryan will unite and fight through one more hurdle. I am glad that Ryan is keeping his sense of humor and fighting right through this. You are on the road being well. We have already seen miracles, and they will continue. Keep your shoes on Ryan, you will be home again soon.

Love you all!

dougandcheryl said...

Ditto to everything Julie just said. As always, you are in our thoughts and prayers.

James Barnes said...

I love the Willie Nelson song - I just can't wait to get on the Road Again!! I hope you are back on the Road again soon bro. Hang tough. You are in our prayers.

Debbie H. said...

Ryan, it's so good to hear that you're getting all these FUN tests behind you this week! We'll keep you in our prayers for a quick turn around! Your sweet family has got to be the best thing that every happened to you! Margie you do such a terrific job posting updates! Thank you for sharing this rough week with friends! Love, The Harris Fam

Tanya said...

So sorry your going through all this. I know your strong, continue to hold your head high. We're praying for you, along with many others who are also praying for you. We'll keep you in our thoughts this coming Sunday as we fast. We Love you guys!
P.s.( Taylor is being ordained on Sunday.... I know its crazy, he's 12!)