Follow along and read about how Ryan spent his final days surrounded by those he loved the most... his FAMILY.

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March 15, 2010

This past week, Ryan has felt exceptionally well and he has taken FULL advantage of it.
From Home Depot to the Farmer's Market, he is getting it ALL in.

He's spent a little bit each day doing this:
All his hard work has DEFINITELY been paying off:

The kids have LOVED having Ryan home and feeling SO good!
Green Valley Farmers Market
(This guy sells the BEST apples)

I HEART my boys:
Then on Friday, Ryan and I were able to attend the Mesa Temple.
There is no other place to feel such PEACE and COMFORT...
what a blessing to live near a temple


We arrived at the Cancer Center @ 7:30 for labs and an appointment with the Nurse Practitioner.

They decided that even though his counts weren't up high enough, they could NOT afford to put off Chemo any longer. They will start Ry on Pralatrexate and monitor him to see how it affects his counts.

The Nurse Practitioner seemed much more hopeful and positive. Something that was VERY needed after last weeks appointment.

The chemo, Pralatrexate is given once a week for 6 weeks and the major side effects are mouth sores and GI tract sensitivity...nothing Ryan hasn't dealt with before.

There it is:
Isn't it crazy how that little syringe of CHEMO can do SO much damage?!?!?!
So once Ryan came home, he decided to work on the car
...and change the oil
Since Ryan is feeling pretty good and doesn't have to be back for another week...

We are taking off...

Our plane leaves @ 6am and we are headed here:
Star Valley, WY


Ryan is going to FIGHT this "monster" like no other, as he keeps living life to it's fullest!



Anonymous said...

Bless you all.

dougandcheryl said...

That last photo is breathtaking!
I'm glad that Ryan has been feeling good and you have been taking advantage of it.
Have fun in Wyoming!

Stacey Mom said...

Ryan, you and Margie are in my thoughts and prayers. I'm glad you get to go home to Wyoming for a while. It always seems so peaceful there.

Seth and Julie said...

Those pictures of Ryan's week were awesome. Even after they gave him bad news last week, he continues to keep his head up, REALLY live each day, and smile. I guess that is why I have always believed in Ryan. He doesn't give up and he doesn't lose faith. As I have prayed and prayed for some kind of understanding about this trial, I have realized that we all have our Goliaths in life. Ryan is too dang strong to be tempted away from the right path, so Satan is taking a crack at discouragement...and losing. I am so grateful for the faith that you all continue to show through this fight. It has changed my life. I love you guys! So glad you are finally off to Wyoming...they really do grow the best guys there, don't they?

And on an unrelated, less cheesy note...Margie, how hot are you in those red heels? And I see that your legs are still perfect. Reminder to myself: Thou shalt not covet. :) You both look great!

Miranda said...

Yeah!!! You finally get that family vacation that has been eluding you. Enjoy it! I hope Ryan feels well all week and can have a nice break from everything. This is a nice, encouraging post. I hope it's a reflection of how you're feeling.

The Collard Clan said...

Dont let it slow you down (if you can help it) As my kids say..."You show it who is boss". :-) What a good post - glad so see he's feel well enough to enjoy life!! Glad you had a chance to make it to the temple too. No other place can give you such peace and comfort.

Adrianne B. said...

What a beautiful picture of Star Valley. I'm so glad you get to go! Enjoy it...

Thank you for the lovely post. Nice to see you all so happy. I hope going to the temple was a good experience for you; it always picks me up and reminds me that Heavenly Father is much closer to all of us than we sometimes think.

Keep on keepin' on!

Anonymous said...

We continue to pray and pray you will have no fear. You 2 strengthen MY testimony! Thank you.
Melissa Hartung

Aubri said...

star Valley can be such a place of beauty and healing. We're so glad that you are feeling well. You're continually in my prayers as well as thousands of others!

peter said...

I am so glad that you are feeling well and that you get to go to Wyoming. I would love to go up there, there are not many places as beautiful as Star Valley. Keep up the fight and we will keep you in our prayers.

Scuffham Family said...

You guys are awesome. As always, you're in our prayers. Glad you had a good week, Ryan! We love your family and are happy to see you staying strong.

Katelin said...

Wow! So glad you made the most of the week, and it looks like you're enjoying your weather. That looks amazing! That will be so great that you'll be able to go to WY--have a GREAT trip!! Love you guys!

The Kindle Family said...

Awesome! Keep it going.

Kathy said...

I found your blog through the WebMagic Lymphoma Board and have read each entry. Both of you show such strength and courage--you are amazing.

Sending up prayers for you all. Ryan, keep fighting.

Praying for your miracle...


Heather said...

Enjoy your trip home. There is something so comforting about home. Both your hometown and the temple. Will keep praying for good things!

Kim said...

Smoot is such a peaceful place. Have a wonderful, relaxing time there! We wish we could be there, too! You're in our thoughts and prayers, always.

Gha said...

I think I recognize that shirt you're wearing while you changed the oil.
A good shirt never dies! Lisa's always trying to throw out some of my die-hards, but I've managed to keep a few.

Heather said...

Glad he is able to have some enjoyable moments before all the treatments kick in. Enjoy guys deserve it!

Ryanne said...

I love seeing you guys spending each day and appreciating it to its fullest. I'm so glad you get to go spend time in Star Valley. Love you guys!

Tanya said...

So happy for you guys....! It's always nice to get away to the temple, and of course to go home. The picture of star Valley is pretty much how I remember it looking, Just beautiful! I've always loved that whole area. Hope you have the time of your life on your little vacation, you truly deserve it. A little family time away from the day to day things is probably really needed about now.
I think that Julie said it so perfectly about the Goliaths in life. Keep up the FIGHT!
Love you guys

Jenni Johansen said...

What a great week with the Temple and family time. Your photos are always so gorgeous too! Praying for Ryan and hoping for the best! Fight on!

Taylor said...

What a breathtaking photo of WY. Live life to the fullest--we need to all do that. I love you guys.

Kris said...

Rayn, Next time you are able to go to Mesa to the temple, contact Hana. She lives in Mesa and would love to go to the temple w/you and Margie...She would also love to see you. Hang in there, and you will be blessed for your faith during trials.
Kris Lee