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October 20, 2009


Ryan went to his appointment on Friday and since his counts are on the rise and he is feeling well, they decided that he could have the weekend off. It MADE his day!
He had a good weekend- he was AT HOME!
Then Monday came and it was back to the clinic. His counts JUMPED.
WBC- 2.5
Hemoglobin- 11.6
(It has not been that high for MONTHS, so he is producing blood!)
At each appointment they examine each and every bump and bruise and look over EVERYTHING. He did need more magnesium, so he got hooked up. While we were waiting he wrote a "Thank You"
Ryan couldn't believe how long it took and how little and neat his handwriting was. He realized that he needed to focus very hard to write the letter. He said that since it had been 5+ weeks since he last wrote something, his hand-muscle coordination needed some work. He couldn't believe how fast you lose simple things that once seemed so easy.

He did not have to go into clinic today because he has been progressing so well. He is now on a M-W-F schedule. He looks forward to trips in the car, so he came along while I did some errands.

When he got back home, he enjoyed watching and helping Hallie and I wash the car:

and he even got a little chilly:

he is LOVING being home and LOVING the 70 degree weather!
Tomorrow he has his Bone Marrow Biopsy at 11.
~Pray for him~
Thank you EVERYONE for your continued love and support.


LISA said...

Thumbs up for the test!

Heather n Ryan said...

So great, so great...SO great!! =)

Us Willis' said...

WAHOOO!!! This is wonderful!!! Heavenly Father is good. Even when things seem horrible. I have a quote that I read everyday and it says "Oh my! How truly delightful life really is!" Sometimes we get so caught up with things that we forget how wonderful life is. Thank you for keeping us so informed. It helps me to remember how delightful life is!!!! We love you and good luck on the test!

The Collard Clan said...

It might just be me but, Ryan - You are looking HEALTHY! (finally) You have great color, you're smiling, you look like you are on the road to Recovery! We will keep our fingers X crossed X.
Enjoy the family - even if it's little car rides or freezing while washing the car. :-) Keep us posted.

Katelin said...

That is so wonderful!! Yay!

Kim said...

We hope your biopsy went really well today. We're looking forward to seeing more pictures and hearing more about you getting WELL!!!

The Thomasons said...

Ryan is looking so much healthier! We are so glad you guys are together again in your home!

Seth and Julie said...

That WBC count is awesome...and a FULL weekend off. Did you feel like a rebellious teen who'd snuck out of the house? I hope it was fabulous!

I can't wait to hear the results of the biopsy. It sounds like those numbers point toward GOOD NEWS though!?!

Love you guys!

V and Co. said...

YAY YAY YAY!!!! seems like it's going well! soooo happy for you and the kids and ryan!

Allen Fam said...

That photo is amazing. Your kids look like showroom models, making the car look exciting and fun! What a great piece of art!