Follow along and read about how Ryan spent his final days surrounded by those he loved the most... his FAMILY.

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October 15, 2009


Ryan has been home a full day now and is loving EVERY bit of it.
He went in for his daily post transplant appointment and things are looking good. His WBC is 1.8 today and his platelets and hemoglobin are all what does this mean?
It means that Mitchell's stem cells are doing their job!
So now that we are all happy from all the good news, I will share the happy photos from yesterday:

Ryan wasn't sure if it was all the excitement of coming home, but he didn't sleep well that night. He woke up really tired but with a HUGE smile because he was COMING HOME!

Remember how I said that Ryan hated being re-hooked to get more meds?
As you can see, he HAPPILY sat while each and every drop of magnesium went in.

Then the "TEAM" came in to give their final assessment and answer any questions. We asked a lot about the future (I'll talk about that in a later post) and with grateful hearts, we said BYE
Dr. Mannipoti (far left)- SUPER nice, Dr. Yeager (far right)- AWESOME
Then Ryan spent the next few hours waiting for discharge. He walked, watched a little TV, chatted with the nurses, let me take a photo or two:
And then, he watched the seconds tick by... the time went by REALLY slowly.
He even got in bed with his shoes on:
because he wanted to make sure he was READY to go when the discharge orders were in.
Then Noon rolled around, and these two sweeties came in to go over discharge

Here Ryan is signing his discharge papers

Look at that SMILE as he hands over the papers that make him a

Goodbye Room 3713

Goodbye to Leah, Karissa and Laura

About to walk through these doors for the FIRST time in 5 weeks

You can cross that name right off:
Adios 3NW

About to smell FRESH AIR and feel WARM SUN for the first time

Had JELLO legs as he went down these:

then it was time to get a few prescriptions filled

Then he came home and was given lots of love and followed EVERYWHERE

They were happy to have Daddy HOME
So glad to have you back home...


Shalae said...

Congratulations Ryan! We are so excited to see that you are home. Enjoy every minute of it, and continue to get well!

Beau, Shalae and family

Tornado Alley said...

Hurray! We're so happy for you! Look at all those smiles. So glad that Ryan is home now. We're praying he'll continue to recover and feel great!

Take care...with love,
The Varela's

dougandcheryl said...

YAy!! We are so excited for you guys. Congrats on getting home!

mumblypeg said...

So happy to see you HAPPY and smiling with those little ones beside you! What a great blessing family is! We're so glad you're home. It's nice to see your parents here in Smoot for a little bit. You're always in our prayers. Val and Debbie

Us Willis' said...

It's almost like you were an inmate just getting out of I'm so glad you're home and everything is progressing the right way this time :)

Theresa said...

An answer to prayers. So thankful he is home. Love you all!

Stacie said...

that is so great! We are so happy to hear this news! there really isn't anything better than home.

Heather n Ryan said...

So relieved to see you finally experiencing a happy moment! Congrats on the success! Its so good to see that smile again!

Mike and Lisa said...

This looks like it was a VERY good day! So glad he's home!

melissa said...

Yay!! So happy Ryan finally got to go home, and so happy to hear that the counts are up & the stem cells are doing their job!! Congratulations guys!

Seth and Julie said...

Hooray for Ryan, and Margie, and the reunited Hess family, and Mitchell's stem cells and...


Miranda said...

Wow! I can't even imagine how happy those kids must be to see their daddy. I'm sure he's just as happy to see them. I love that last picture of the three of them. We need to see a family photo again.

Sarah Little said...

Congrats!!! I'm sooo EXCITED for you to be home!!! I bet your family was the happiest family on the planet yesterday!

Now that he is home...What happens if your kids get sick? since he can't be around any sick people. No more hospital OK!!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!I'm sooooo excited for you and your family for this wonderful special day! I know it's been a long road and you have many more miles to cover but if anyone can do it.... you have certainly shown all of us that it can be done. We love you and pray for you daily! Be strong, Get strong and Stay strong!
Love, Betsy & Jeff Tanner

Tanya said...

What an exciting time! Yeah for your family! There's nothing like your own bed!!! The kids look so happy! Don't over due it Ryan! REST REST REST!

Anonymous said...

All I can say is AWESOME!


Darin & Taylor Thomas Family

Heather said...

That is sooo great!!!! Your kids are so cute too!

Erika, Kevin, and Mason said...

So happy for your family, this is wonderful, try not to celebrate too much!

Katelin said...

Hooray for one giant step on the road to full recovery! I'm sure being home will help everything go better!! Love you all!!!!

The Bloxham Bunch said...

Yeah!! We are so happy for Ryan and your whole family. I think being home makes recovery so much better and quicker.

Kim Harris Thacker said...

Yay! It's great to see so many pictures full of smiles. We're so glad for you!

Anonymous said...

Ryan glad to see you at home with your family. You are looking better every day. We love and miss you tons. Margie you got caught on camera! We saw you in the reflection of the store doors.
The Kellers

Jennifer said...

yeah! home! max and hallie look stoked! so gald you are there. you sound and look great! what a miracle! love you ry.

Kristen Ann said...

That is so Wonderful!! Continue to gain strength and keep fighting!! You have been through so much, you can do this! We pray for you always.

Mandi Moon said...

It's such good news to hear that Mitchell's stem cells are working!!! And it's good to see Ryan at home with his babies where he belongs! Keep fighting Ryan! I am so happy for you!