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October 18, 2009

Daily dealings...

Every day, Ryan comes here:

Hallie was eager to see what her Dad does when he is gone at appointments. Unfortunately, due to H1N1, they wouldn't let her back into the clinic. She was still happy to come along- what a fun way to spend her Fall Break!

Back in the clinic they take lots of vitals:

daily blood draws

...and then on Friday, it was time to get hooked back up for a preventative antibiotic and some more magnesium
while the meds were infusing, we chatted with the nurses, ate and enjoyed the nice view:

(I know that view may not look like much, but it really is a pretty view of the mountains and trees. )


Every day Ryan has to do his line care.

That means cleaning the site:

and daily flushes of this:

into ALL 3 cath lines:

and now we have to use this:

for ALL of this:

so if you need some medical supplies... we have a few.

We did bring home some empty sterile needle-LESS syringes for the kids. It has provided HOURS of entertainment:


Then I decided to finally invest in some fancy gloves
because we have to clean everything on a daily basis.
His feet hurt a LOT from the nueropathy and fluid retention, but he still manages to walk:

It is so nice to have Ryan home, to go for walks OUTSIDE and see Halloween decorations

and yes...

do this:

Love having you home!


Q: How is Ryan feeling?

A: Ryan is feeling much better! The fact that he hasn't had to take ONE anti-nausea pill is a good sign. He is staying awake throughout the day and sleeping very well at night. Compared to two weeks ago, he is doing great. He is still VERY weak and tired, but his taste buds are coming back and he is eating quite well. He still has a lot of healing to do, but for now, he is grateful for each improved day.


Gary said...

Hello everyone,
We loved seeing the new pictures, and to see that you are outside getting some fresh air, Ryan. Hey Margie, now we have seen your foot and your wrist, how about a full picture of you! Take care, can't wait to take those walks with you.
Love Dad and Mom Hess

Mindy Burns said...

Love the update...glad he's feeling better! Yes, I agree, a full picture of you would be great too! :) Maybe we can pressure you enough...:) Love both of you!!!

Katelin said...

That's so amazing that he has improved so much in just a few weeks. Way to go, Ryan! Is his mouth any better? I guess if taste buds are coming back it must be improving at least, huh? Hope everything keeps getting better and better! Love you!

Seth and Julie said...

I saw a full picture of Margie, look closely at the pic of Ryan going into the Pharmacy in the last post. I love the pics behind the camera and holding hands. It illustrates the support that you have been to Ryan. I think your role in all of this has been commendable and beautiful, whether or not we get to see your cute face.

Love you both, and as much as I miss you guys, I am so glad you are in AZ where it is warm enough to walk outside.

Us Willis' said...

You look great Ryan. So glad to see such improvement!

Erin S said...

So glad you are home and things are going good! I am jealous of your nice sunny weather too. (Cute watch, Margie!)

Heather n Ryan said...

Ryan looks so much better! I love the support you have been to each other. You are great examples of what love is! Yeah for more good days!

Kim Harris Thacker said...

What a wonderful update! We're so glad you're improving so well, Ryan. Keep it up!

Tanya said...

Way to go Ryan? Keep up the had work!

dougandcheryl said...

YAY. so glad you're doing good at home. I agree with Julie- I love the pictures especially the hands holding one. So cute.

Jennifer said...

so glad you are home! i love the pictures. those syringes are lots of fun! I forgot to pray for you at dinner last night and Olivia reminded me! ;) love you.