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October 25, 2009

Out and About...

Ryan had his normal appointment Friday and his counts were about the same. It was his shortest appointment yet...
we were DONE in 2 hours!

Then we were off to UMC

Ryan went to drop off Thank You's to some very special staff.
It was a VERY emotional visit for Ryan. He really hesitated going in and upon leaving he still couldn't believe he was there. We saw the Transplant Coordinator and she said that some patients are NEVER able to come back because it is too overwhelming.
Ryan is VERY grateful for the wonderful care he received, but still has a hard time getting past what went on behind these doors:

Ryan was too worn out from the days activities to carve a pumpkin, but he did help supervise and even got in a little nap

Here are Ryan's two FAVORITE girls:
(I exist!)

Ryan had a FULL weekend:

He got out to show support for my Mom
Yay for a BEST presentation win!

Ryan had a blast hanging out with the kids

We even got a family pix
He enjoyed watching this little one...
wiggle her little snaggle tooth that will SOON be gone

and play with this silly boy

He even got out to the park...

to watch these two:

and i do have to give credit to this little one who has taken a few of the photos on some previous blog posts
YAY to feeling good and getting out...
what a BLESSING for good health and life.


Seth and Julie said...

So many things made me smile in this post.

1- I am so happy to see Ryan looking like Ryan and playing with his family.

2- Seeing your cute face Margie.

3- Ryan's courage and gratitude displayed simultaneously as he delivered those thank you's

4- Your insanely adorable babies. Hallie's getting freckles...that is just too cute! And Max, well he is a little man now and a stud at that.

5- Hallie, your little mini-me photographer.

This post felt so much like life as it used to be, back on the old blog. How fun to have cancer take a back seat to business as usual.

I love you guys! Keep enjoying life and please put on some pants. I might just cry if I see that you are STILL in shorts once November hits.

Mindy Burns said...

Great pictures!!! SO happy to see some of YOU Margie....I'm so happy Ryan has been feeling good enough for spurts of time to get out and about!!! Too bad I missed your mom's chili! We didn't go until after the cook-off darn it! I'm so happy Ryan's getting to enjoy this AMAZING WEATHER!!!! I can only imagine how tough going back to UMC was! That is just so neat though that you both took the time to return and thank your special!!! Our prayers continue on your behalf and we love you guys so much!!!

The Collard Clan said...

You guys have such a beautiful family! Isn't it awesome that no matter what - It's FOREVER!

Ryanne said...

Love seeing pictures of all of you together, enjoying each other and your day. We pray for you all every day and Love You!

Katelin said...

This was a beautiful post of a beautiful family!! You've earned it! That was so great of you to take those thank you's back, I'm sure that meant so much to them! Love to you all! I want to see when her tooth falls out--cutie!! :o)

Kim said...

We are so happy for you that you're able to get out and enjoy the beautiful weather and your even more beautiful family! You're always in our prayers.

melissa said...

Ryan is looking great!! Clearly you look amazing as usual too, Margie ;) So glad you guys have been able to do some neat stuff this week.

Theresa said...

Finally, there are some pictures of the whole family together. Enjoy this Halloween and I wish I could be there on Nov. 7th. Go Team :)

Jennifer said...

it was so fun to talk with you today Ryan and hear your great news!!! we are so excited for you and Margie, and the kids! you deserve the best of news. we can't wait to see you and are now praying that we are healthy too so that we can come. :)

i want to see pics of the carved pumpkins too, and the kids in costume. Bennett bought scrubs to dress as a doctor for school tomorrow. ;)

oh, and i like the song today.