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October 21, 2009

The DREADED day...

Ryan started out his day with his usual appointment. When we went into the clinic, we were told we could have our own private room.
Ryan was able to watch TV and get on the Internet

(In a way we both missed being in the other area because it is nice to chat with other patients who are going through the same thing)


Then Ryan got his lab results and MORE GOOD NEWS:

Everything is STILL rising.

WBC up, ANC UP, Hemoglobin UP...

Not only are the counts looking good, but so is Ryan. Every time nurses and other people see him, they always comment on how GREAT he looks- especially considering that it was JUST a week ago that he was released. Unfortunately, feeling great today didn't last too long, because it was soon time for the dreaded biopsy.

Ryan got a small dose of morphine and took some Ativan to help him relax

All the meds made him a little bit drowsy, so he needed a ride down to the other clinic.

Then it was time to fill out a few papers and sign the consent form:

It's time:

The goods:

All prepped and ready to go:

Lidocaine to numb the skin

The Nurse Practitioner got to the bone and it started to hurt, so she stopped to get more Lidocaine drawn.

When it is ALL the way in, you see NO needle, just the blue handle.

Overall, Ryan said this 3rd time was MUCH better then his two previous biopsies. He is hoping that maybe... just MAYBE he will be able to get his next one done with conscious sedation because the Morphine, Ativan and Lidocaine didn't really help much. His next biopsy will be in about two months (Merry Christmas to Ryan!)


and STILL smiling!

He is REALLY sore and it usually stays tender for about a week. He still got out and walked about a 1/2 mile tonight. He just continues to AMAZE me!

Then today he got a special surprise

A picture of two of Ryan's favorite things:


A friend in our ward, who is an AMAZING photographer took the picture.

Ryan LOVED it!

It was a special gift to finish of the day.



Keep healing... Keep smiling



LISA said...

What a wonderful pic to end the day. Margie seriously you need to continue your "artistic" talents by helping other fams w/their webpages. Ryan your strength is amazing. May the good times keep on rolling :-)
Love from CA, Aunt Lisa

Katelin said...

Oh, I cannot believe that needle--yikes! And OW! That picture of the kids is so cool. I'm so relieved that things are going well for you--keep fighting Ry!! Love you!

Tornado Alley said...

You're doing so great! What a fighter! I'm amazed at how you just take things in stride. (That was a huge, thick needle. Ouch!) So glad that you're doing well and the counts continue to go up.
Praying for your continued recovery,
The Varela's

melissa said...

Ryan really does look great!! I'm so glad things are on the up and up and we continue to pray that he just keeps getting better!

Kristen Ann said...

Keep growing strong. I pray for you and more good news.

Erin S said...

Glad you are doing good and getting out to walk around!!

Peter and Brittany Merrill said...

Ryan, I can't stop smiling, all this news is so good. I have to say the picture is pretty awesome too.

Kim said...

That's such a great picture of the kiddos! And congrats, Ryan, on getting the biopsy DONE. Two months off! Hurray! It sounds like you're just doing so well. We are so happy for you and continue to pray for you and your wonderful family.

Miranda said...

Sooooo glad to see Ryan doing so well. I am anxious to hear the results of the biopsy. That is pretty graphic. Keep up all the healing!

Miranda said...

Did I mention that the photographer is dashing and handsome too? Well, he is.

Mindy Burns said...

Wow! You are both so strong! Ryan just keeps amazing me and you do too Margie! Ryan does look better and better in each picture! What a GREAT photo! That is amazing! What a great friend and so thoughtful...

Tanya said...

Awesome picture! So sorry about the biopsy Ryan! I can't even imagine having that done. That was Casey's hardest, and worst part about his whole cancer journey. Way to be so strong!

Jennifer said...

ouch! that needle pic and explanation was crazy!!! so glad that is over. anxious for the news. the pic of the kids turned out super cute.

Us Willis' said...

Lookin good :)

Allen Fam said...

Oops, I left my compliments on the photo on the last post. It is fantastic.
Looking forward to hearing the biopsy results and praying they are good,

Seth and Julie said...

Oh mercy, that needle. I think I will probably be sore for a week now too. You look great and I am just rejoicing in those rising numbers.

And no wonder you are fighting, look at those ridiculously cute you've just got to get that car.