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October 28, 2009

Just a reminder...

This event will take place in IDAHO FALLS, Idaho
Part of the proceeds will go to help out our family and another family battling cancer.
ASPIRE DANCE COMPANY is a professional dance group. Aspire will be performing along with dance groups from other dance companies. The performances will include various types of dance.
Please attend and support the dancers, as well as our family.
Spread the word to all those family and friends of yours that live in the southeastern Idaho, eastern Wyoming and the northern Utah area... you will NOT be disappointed!
Thank You
Special thanks to Karli Love and Aspire Dance Co.
Tomorrow we meet with Dr. Yeager and should find out results from the bone marrow biopsy- GOOD NEWS coming soon!!!!


LISA said...

Good thoughts and prayers to you guys!! Aunt L.

Anonymous said...

Got the great news already through your Dad Margie! We are thrilled, and couldn't be more grateful too.
Melissa Hartung

mumblypeg said...

WONDERFUL! WONDERFUL! BEST EVER GREAT NEWS! We are so grateful for the example of your courageous little family! We pray that all will continue to brighten and bring all those blessings you so deserve for you Ryan and for Margie, Halli and Max. LOVE THOSE SMILES! Smoot Harris Family

Paice Family said...

Hey Ryan!

I've been following your blog and I am so happy to hear that you are doing so well! You have been in our prayers here in Maryland. I have a friend who is running in the Disneyworld cancer marathon. As a marathon runner she is supposed to choose someone to "run for" as motivation, and she was thinking about running for you. I thought you might find it fun to know that I had a little boy in July, and we named him Ryan. It was the one name his dad liked :) Keep fighting and good luck with everything!
Best Wishes!
Mandy Paice (Hall)

Gary said...

The Dance benefit was amazing! It was a very beautiful, entertaining evening. The dances were so thoughtful, graceful and enjoyable, I would definitely attend another year. Thanks Aspire Dance Co., and Karlee and Justin Love!