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April 14, 2010


At Ryan's appointment, he was running a slight fever. They did the standard tests to check for any possible infection: blood and urine cultures, and scheduled a CAT scan. We were hoping for chemo, but his platelets were TOO low to receive more. Ryan's platelet count was only at 17 and they need to be at least 50 for more treatment....

Had the CAT scan

All tests came back negative. The CAT scan showed that his pneumonia is improving, but otherwise, nothing new. His hemoglobin was very low and he received two units of red blood for a nice little boost. Again, we were hoping for more chemo, but his platelets were still lagging. They did jump a tad bit ( to 21), but still not nearly enough.

So why NO platelet transfusion to bump up the platelets?
Every time Ryan has a platelet transfusion, his counts only increase by 2 or 3. Since the increase is so small, It would take WAY to many transfusions to get him to 50.


Ryan needs chemo in order to help suppress the cancer. Getting the cancer under control will allow him another shot at his brothers stem cells. Right now, Ryan is in limbo waiting for these counts to rise, which is NOT good for his aggressive cancer.

Ryan is still coughing quite a bit because of the pneumonia, but the cough is doing MUCH better. The mucositis is still painful, but Ryan is finally able to get softer foods and certain liquids down.

The next appointment for labs and check up is on Monday.

*Please pray that Ryan can continue to heal and that his counts can rise, so he can start treatment once again*

Keep up the fight Ry
We LOVE you



Kristen Ann said...

We are praying for all of you! I'm sure this such a difficult time. Stay strong and keep fighting. I know Heavenly Father will support you through this.

Amber said...

I'll keep praying!

peter said...

Thanks for the update Margie, we will be specific in our prayers so Ryan's counts will come up so he can get some more chemo. Keep it up.

John, Mandy and more said...

Keep going, Ryan! We're cheering for you.

Taylor said...

50, 50, 50! Come on 50! Roll em' high, people!
That's what we'll be praying for tonight and that your other symptoms will get under control.
We love you guys--there is so much love for your whole family here.

Big hug,

Taylor & Fam

Tim said...

It was awesome seeing you this week Ryan! We are praying for 50!!! Keep up the good fight!


Tim, Agnes and Fam

The Kindle Family said...

good luck! can't wait to hear your next update!

Hoopes Family said...

Praying for continued healing & that Ryan's counts can rise to at least 50! And spreading the word!

Kim said...

We're praying for you, Ryan! Love and hugs to all of you.

Lori said...

Ryan and Margie,

Are thoughts are with you and all the cancer fighters as we head to the CT scanner tomorrow. Keep up your strength and fight!

The Krohmers in Baltimore

Anonymous said...

We are all praying for you. Fight the good fight and Heavenly Father will do the rest. Bundles of love from Salt Lake. LOL Trinity "Flud" Patten & Family

Kylee said...

Your family is always on our minds and we are praying that Ryan's body will keep up the fight. Go Team Ryan!!

PONCIANO said...

What a strong family you have!! We will keep you in your prayers- keep up the fight Ryan!!!!