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April 8, 2010

Non-stop SMILES :)

Ryan had a MUCH better week!
His WBC stayed around 4.2 (which is GREAT), and as the days went on, his mucositis and pneumonia got a little better.
Since Ryan was doing better, we started bringing in the kids to see Ryan. A visit to see Dad wouldn't be complete without:
...some of Dad's food notes

and OF COURSE...

a TEAM RYAN sign
Courtesy of the kids and nieces and nephews

Ryan LOVED each and EVERY second with the kids. He just smiles and watches everything they do- he misses them SO much!

Ryan was even feeling well enough to slurp down a little of this:


see his cute and chubby lil' niece

visit with his sister and nephew
He had such a great visit and a BIG ole' smile on his face!

Why the random IV pole...and where is Ryan?

Here he is...
WITHOUT his "ball and chain"
One night, Ryan was able to get about 6 hours without having to be hooked up to his IV. He was so happy and LOVING the freedom!

As the week went on, and things continued to improve, it was time to start making the transition to going home. Ryan went off the PCA pump and started taking MOST of his meds orally. His fluid retention was still pretty bad and they needed to get the water weight off before he could come home. In one day, he lost about 15 pounds of WATER WEIGHT, and boy it felt great! During the week, he was struggling with his oxygen intake and needed some O2 for walks and nighttime.

Here he is getting ready for a walk

Of course we have to find humor in things...
Ryan frequently joked that he felt like an OLD MAN because he had an oxygen tank.


We had so much to push around, that we took up MUCH of the hallway. On walks, Ryan pushed his IV pole and whoever was with him, was the lucky PUSHER of this little guy:
Walking was NOT the highlight of Ryan's day, but all the nurses LOVED seeing Ryan out and about!

Then last night (Weds), a little someone pulled her tooth out and was SUPER excited to show her Dad
During her prayer, she said, "Please bless the Tooth Fairy to fly here safely..."

I couldn't help but was too CUTE?


So WHY are we all still smiling?








That's RIGHT!!!!

He's home...and we COULDN'T be happier!

Welcome HOME Ry


Katelin said...

Hooray!! So glad you get to be together and he is free from the hospital annoyances!! Love you all!

Mindy Burns said...

So glad he's home again!!! I know that makes everyone so happy, including us!!! Can't wait to see him!!!

Jacie said...

Yeah!! Call us when you're up for it and we'll come hang out.

Kim said...

WONDERFUL! We're SO GLAD you're home, Ryan!!!

Kinsey said...

So glad you're home Ryan! We are praying for you!

Miranda said...

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!!!! Home sweet home! My goodness, Max is sure growing up on this blog! Cute, cute.