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August 1, 2009

My life...

So what has Ryan been up to the past 3 weeks?

He's been one BUSY guy.
Almost every day he visited his Dr's office for either a blood draw...
hydration(IV drip) and most times, both.
when his red blood count got TOO low,
he decided to VAMP it up a little and get some BLOOD
(here he is getting prepped for the blood)

(He's had 3 transfusions in the past 2.5 weeks and is getting another one tonight)
Crazy that we use these kind of coolers for our food...


Ryan went to the UMC Cancer Center

for a second opinion

He saw one of the BEST lymphoma specialists in Tucson. That Dr said that Ryan's oncologist is right on track with the treatment plan. It only reassured our feelings that Ryan is in good hands and getting the best care possible.

How great it is to live in an area that has all these Doctors and facilities close by. We do feel VERY blessed.


Then Ryan got a call telling him some WONDERFUL news...
Ryan's little brother Mitchell was a MATCH for the bone marrow transplant

(There he is, all 5 of him)


Ryan will be going to UMC for the transplant. We meet with the transplant Doc this upcoming Thursday for an intensive meeting/info session.

This transplant could possibly be the treatment that can CURE Ryan's cancer!

Ryan was also able to celebrate a special little someones 6th birthday

and was even feeling well enough to go out to watch her get her ears pierced.

(despite the fact that the lady there called him Hallie's GRANDPA)

and even though he wasn't feeling great by this point... he still came out to eat


Ryan's mom spent a LOT of time figuring out ways to sneak this:

into his meals.

This little guy packs 7 g of PROTEIN and 330 CALORIES!

Ryan needs to be at least around 3000 calories per day. He needs to have a reserve for when he goes into transplant.

Then he got a call on Friday morning...

Only this time he was told that it was time to visit (as a friend put it)


So Friday he came back to his old stomping grounds...

MED/ONC Room 375...



He was actually quite happy to see all his old hospital friends...

and they were equally excited to see him.
His nurse even came in shortly after we arrived and said, "You are one popular guy...all the nurses are so excited to have you back again!"

Now that he is back in the hospital...

Back to those SWEET hospital gowns that he just couldn't get enough of during his last stay

...the DELISH hospital food

It was SO good, he ate it all and I had no picture to show for it.

...the nurses waiting on him

...techs bugging him for vitals

...Lots of hand washing

...and this:

He starts his chemo TODAY...

So I am hoping we will continue to see THIS:


We are hoping for this to be his LAST round of chemo before he goes into transplant. Of course on Thursday we will find out much more as to what the transplant entails. But until then...



Emily said...

Hi, my name is Emily. I am Seths sister (of Seth and Julie Johnson fame). I just want you to know that I am praying for you and your family. You are all a bunch of inspiration and I am rooting for TEAM RYAN!

The Kindle Family said...

Great Job! Very exciting Transplant news!

Mandi Moon said...

That is exciting to here that Mitchell is a match!!! =) Lots of love and best wishes to you guys! Keep hanging in there! You're going to make it! XOXO

Seth and Julie said...

Yay for a match!

Yay for Hallie's b-day celebration!

And yay for that smile still covering Ryan's face. It gives me goosebumps and tears in my eyes everytime I see it!

Love you guys.

By the way, what is up with someone calling Ryan Grandpa? Even bald he still looks no more than 23. I guess now he knows how all his many bald friends feel.


dougandcheryl said...

I was thinking the same thing as Julie- he still looks young!! THe girl must not have been looking close.
We are so happy to hear of the match and will continue praying for you.

Donna said...

Go Ryan Go! We love you!

The Moncurs

Jeanette said...

I LOVE your posts. They are so inspiring, yet truthful. I love all the pictures. This blog will be neat to have when Ryan's beat this, and great for all of us outsiders to be able to follow along, but not make you repeat yourself 5 billion times. ;) Ryan, I can just imagine all the nurses fighting over you to have you as "their" patient during their shift. You definitely are a fun person to be around. And Margie, no worries, it just means those ladies are taking the best care possible for your hubby. ;) haha, I love it! Well, Keep fighting, and GooooooOOOOOOOO TEAM RYAN!!!!!

Mindy Burns said...

Great post!!! Thanks Margie for keeping us all in the loop!!! As scary as a bone marrow transplant is, we're super happy his brother is a match! What a wonderful brotherly experience to share together- ok, maybe wonderful isn't the right word, maybe 'special' is better...I know how much it meant to Hallie to have Ry there for the ear piercing, too! Goooooo Team Ryan!

Stacie said...

we are glad to hear he brother is a match, since they are the best to engraf sooner!! Good luck with the transplant, and btw those food containers come in handy for the bone marrow too :) You do such a good job on your updates and seem really positive! You guys are awesome!!

Susan Scuffham said...

Ryan, you're definitely no grandpa!! Good luck with the transplant!! Go team Ryan!!

Jeremy & Susan

Brian said...

Ryan, I think you should keep the no-hair look after all this is over, it's hot! the way I'm still waiting for Margie to post pics of the cute nurses...(j/k)

Katelin said...

That's so great about the match! What a relief!

Agnes said...

I love this post! Tim and I both had a good luagh about the "grandpa comment" :)We are SO excited to hear he has a match! I can't help but smile everytime I read this blog, you've had awesome blog posts...Good luck guys! We are pulling for you Ryan! We'll pray everything goes well with the transplant!
Happy late Birthday Hallie!

rick said...

Ryan DOES NOT look like Hallie's Grandpa....And I should know, because I AM one!!!!! (Unless of course the chemo has made him a lot shorter with an insatiable appetite for enchildadas!!) :-)
Margie, please find out what drugs that ear-piercer was on-and consider yourself lucky that Hallie is not sporting a newly pierced forehead!!! :-)

See you guys on Saturday!!

Ryan: Can you say QUEENS DONUTS???


Erin S said...

Happy Birthday to Hallie! Even though you are bald, Ryan, you do not look like a grandpa, although that was kinda funny! I'm glad to hear that Mitchell is a match! Good things are happening!

Camille said...

I have to say, these posts always break my heart... but it is great to see how strong you guys are, and that Ryan is is good hands. Keep fighting, you'll have this beat in no time! Thinking of you guys...

Anonymous said...

I love you guys and am debating whether or not to walk around with a Team Ryan shirt on--!--your blog is so moving and real. That is so great that Ryan's bro is a bone-marrow match. I showed the blog to my sister and we were both crying and just inspired by the positive energy flowing through your posts. We are Team Ryan and keep you all in our prayers for strength and positive thought.
Big hug,

Taylor Thomas & Family

gloria said...

always always you are in our thoughts and prayers. keep your heads up. so so glad that there is a match!!!!!!!!!!!

Heather said...

That was really sweet. Nothing like a dad and his little girl!! PS. You don't look like a grandpa, geez. Happy to hear all the good news.

Ryanne said...

Hey Guys! We are so happy you have a match Ryan, hooray! Senneca just got her ears pierced too, I can't believe Hallie, Senneca, and Ezra are all turning 6. And you are definitely no Grandpa Ryan, silly ear-piercing girl.

Beau said...

Ryan, I just wanted to let you know I have been rooting for you! I think guys like you go through things like this because you are an amazing inspiration to the world and the Tippetts family, showing faith, courage, and hope when it is not easy to do so. I admire you, good work, keep going!

LISA said...

Ryan has a beautiful smile! Margie you are doing such a great job with the website. I like the humor you have too. One "silly" question...does Ryan lose his eyebrows? Just wondering....lots of love from CA!! You know we are always thinking of you guys. Happy Bday Hallie!!! kisses...Tita Lisa

Tanya said...

AWESOME NEWS!!!!! We are so happy for you guys! I can just imagine what a joyful moment it must have been for you when you found out that Mitchell was a match. Best of luck with your meeting on Thursday. I do remember it being VERY intense. A lot of information...... We love you guys, and think about you often. Keep up the great strength, and fight, fight, fight!!!
Please tell Hallie Happy Birthday from us. Happy Birthday Hallie!!

Kim Thacker said...

AWESOME that Mitchell is a match! That's so wonderful! Thank you, Margie, for keeping us all updated. Happy birthday to sweet little Hallie, and love to you all.

Breanne BUsh said...

i love your optimism.. just what one needs at a time like this! i can feel all your positive energy in your posts and LOVE it! happy bday hallie! i can't believe she is is 6 already! she is so beautiful, just like her mama! GO TEAM RYAN!!!

*meaghan* said...

your pictures tell quite a story. they are gorgeous... and keeping me very interested because i am actually a student nurse - seeing the hospital thru your eyes is great, really gives perspective on what a loved one goes thru when someone is in the hospital. i hope things continue to go well for Ryan.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ryan.I heard about you through Karla and Sabrina. I was diagnosed with NHL diffuse large B cell Sept 06..and have been in remission over two years now!(See under terryr for my story)
I am so happy you are home and with your family now. The transplant isn't easy but you will make it thru fine! I will be praying for you and your family during it. Hang in there...I am sure God has many good plans for you! Hugs Terry in NC

Anonymous said...

I am so happy your brother is a match! You and your family are an inspiration!