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August 16, 2009

What to do?

So what do you do after chemo when you ACTUALLY feel good?
Walk 1+ miles?
Go shopping?

All of the above!

Here are some of the events from the past week:

Ryan was able to get out and watch his two favorite little ones

Even walked along side as they rode their bikes

Went on a little trip to Madera Canyon


Went on LOTS of walks with those he LOVES

and started feeling so good... he EVEN tried to run:

...that didn't last long!

(Who cares, do you see that SMILE!??!?!?!)


Watched his favorite lil' dude and my dad wash the car in the rain

and thought about all the stuff he WANTS to do



This is how I knew Ryan was feeling MUCH better:

...he was BACK to teasing and being silly!


Ryan really loves the outdoors, so he was really excited to be feeling well enough to make the drive up to Mount Lemmon.

We had a little picnic

here was the highlight of this week...

Attending church as a family


It is crazy how the simple things we sometimes take for granted, like eating and being able to hold it down, driving, walking longer distances, grocery shopping, laughing, and spending quality time with the family. Some of these things Ryan was doing for the FIRST time since he first started CHEMO! He is LOVING feeling well and definitely taking FULL advantage.

So glad to have RY back




Tanya said...

Your life has been changed forever. Your perspective on life has changed as well. It's the little things that mean the most. I loved this post and the happiness that I felt as I read through it. Seeing the joy on everyone's face is priceless. It's so good to see such BIG smiles. This post was a tear jerker for me. I'm so happy for you guys, and Ryan's progress. I hope and pray that he continues to get strong so he can continue with future procedures. Love you lots! Go Team Hess!!!!

Heather n Ryan said...

That is great news! It is so true that we take those things for happy he got to enjoy them again! You always have had and still do have a beautiful family!

Katelin said...

That's so great that he's feeling so good! Glad you had some more "normal" time together--you sure deserve it! You're awesome!

dougandcheryl said...

YAY! I am so happy for you guys that you had such a great week with so much fun family time. You are all so amazing.

Seth and Julie said...

Of course you have got me crying again, big fat happy tears. I love seeing your cute smiling family all dressed up and ready to go to church together. Ryan looks so happy and smiley and full of life...he is TOTALLY going to get better. I can't wait!

Is that a Team Ryan Hess shirt??? Or did you photoshop that on there? We should get some of those made.

Cindy said...

Thats so great!! Makes me smile!! Thanks for keeping us up on everything. Go Team Ryan!!

Erin S said...

You look so great, Ryan! I'm glad you are feeling better and get to go out and spend time with the fam! I love you guys! Go Team Ryan!

Jacob & Amanda peters said...

what an awesome week for you guys! I got all choked up reading your blogseeing your family having a good time together, you guys are all my heroes, way to go ryan! and many more happy days to come:)

Mandi Moon said...

It's awesome to see that he is feeling so good after chemo! I'm glad that you guys are taking advantage of it! You are such a beautiful family! =)

Agnes said...

What an awesome update!!! It is impossible to read that post without smiling. It is great so see everyone so happy and to see the great progress made.

We love you all!!! GO TEAM RYAN!!!

Tim, Agnes and Family

Heather said...

Man, that was a tear jerker!! Especially the picture of him on the picnic with your little girl. Precious!

Ryanne said...

We love you guys! I am so happy for the prgress being made and seeing all of your smiles. Thanks for sharing this week with us.

webster said...

Madera Canyon...sounds so close to us...yet so far away! One of these days you will have to pay us a little visit. You have just the cutest family ever! so happy Ryan is feeling good right now and that you guys are able to get out and spend lots of awesome time together!

Sabrina Smith said...

Again tears of joy for your family. I'm so happy you guys were able to go and praise the Lord for the blessings he is giving your family as a family. And the pictures of you guys in all of God's nature are just beautiful. I send my love. Go Team Ryan.
All Our Love,
Your South FL Family

Lynn said...

It's so great that your family can be together doing normal family things. And it's great to see a picture of your family. They are really growing. Hope you have many more fun days together and that Ryan can keep getting stronger. Go Team Hess

Ryan Hess said...

Thanks everyone for you comments, support, and prayers. I'm still feeling pretty good and have enjoyed doing some of the everyday ordinary things that I've missed.

Kim Thacker said...

We're SO HAPPY FOR YOU that you're feeling better, Ryan. Thank you for being such a great example to all of us.

The Kindle Family said...

You guys are such a good looking family!!! Love the church picture, and all the others really do show your family's happiness! Glad all is well!