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August 5, 2009


Where do I begin?
I know many of you have been wondering and asking where Ryan stood with his donated leave. I decided to call Ryan's HR contact and she told me some WONDERFUL news.
She said she had NEVER seen this much donated leave come in for anyone (WOW). She said that we must have an AMAZING support system (VERY VERY TRUE). She said that Ryan will be taken care of until at least the END of the YEAR with donated leave (WHAT a BLESSING!!!!!)
Can you believe that...until the END OF THE YEAR!
We feel so blessed and have an enormous amount of gratitude for everyone that enabled this to happen.
THANK YOU to everyone that posted the donated leave message on their blogs... on Facebook... e mailed it out to their contacts... printed it out for neighbors, break rooms and just helped to get the message out.
to all those who gave their own vacation time to help Ryan and our family.
We could not have gotten this great of a response without all YOUR help. We truly appreciate ALL you have done!
to all the TEAM RYAN supporters
Ryan and Margie
Tomorrow we meet with the Transplant team @ UMC (University of Arizona Cancer Center)


Mindy Burns said...

I'm welling up again just reading this....that is soooooo AMAZING! Heavenly Father is looking after you guys! How amazing! Good luck tomorrow!

Mandi Moon said...

Seriously...I'm crying!!! That is so amazing! I don't even know what to say other than I am so overwhelmed with happiness right now for your family!!! I am so proud of everyone who donated their time! So amazing! =)

Seth and Julie said...

That is awesome!!!! It just says volumes about who Ryan is and how much he means to the people around him. Team Ryan is going to win!!!

Let us know how it goes with the transplant team tomorrow. Sending even more prayers than usual tonight as you go into this next chapter.

Katelin said...

Wow! That seriously restores my faith in humanity, not that it was lacking, but you know what I mean. That is so amazing, and that must prove to you that you have a LOT of love, support, and well wishes coming from SO many people. I would have liked to have seen the HR lady's reactions as her workload doubled to accommodate all the love! Awesome.

TheTexasSpud said...

What a marvelous response!!! There is a loving Father in Heaven very cognizant of your family. You continue to be in my prayers Ryan.

Goodl luck with your transplant appointment!!

Kylee said...

Oh, we are so happy about the exciting news! We've been praying for miracles for your family. We will be thanking our Heavenly Father for the ones you've received so far and will continue to pray for more. Your faith continues to inspire not just us, but all that we share your story with. Keep up the good fight!

Kylee and Shane

Erin S said...

Wow, I am crying right now I am so overwhelmed with happiness for you guys. That is awesome!

Jacob & Amanda peters said...

Hi ryan! I am so excited to hear the good news. I am so sorry I haven't said hello sooner but I was in shock with everything and feeling really emotional,and I have been praying for you and trying to help by getting the word out, so I have been involved in a annonymous kind of way :) I love hearing the reports on how you are doing. I am inspired by the strength and faith you and your family have shown. I love you guys and I will keep praying for you and helping in any way that I can. bye!
love, amanda