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August 25, 2009

Feeling good and LOVING it

The past week has been another good one for Ryan.
He's been up early, off to bed late and during the day he is B-U-S-Y.
*He's continued his morning walks of 1+ miles
*Ate his little heart out
*Played TONS with the kids
*Cooked and even helped out around the house
When he wasn't doing all THAT, he found some time for THIS:

Made some shelves with my dad

Watched his little tractor obsessed boy play with the "digguh" (digger)

Went to an open house for his favorite little 1st grader
Ate some YUMMY Buffalo Wild Wings

Had ENOUGH of the camera

and WHY this random freeway picture?!?!?!?!?

Because it was Ryan's first time driving on the FREEWAY after our trip to COSTCO!

POSED with his new "TWIN"
(a little someone who happened to have some fun with scissors that day)
Ryan has been asking for me to shave Max's head ever since he started losing his own hair 2 months ago. I really hesitated because I worried about how he would look, but now that it is done...we all LOVE it.

Visited the opthamologist for a possible retina detachment
Tried REALLY hard to read with dilated pupils- Guess what the article was about?

The morning of his appointment with the eye dr, he also noticed a lump that he THOUGHT may be an enlarged lymph node. He called his Oncologist and they said to come in ASAP.
After each appointment with his oncologist and the opthamologist everything turned out to be just fine. What a BLESSING...definitely ANSWERED prayers!

...and then he prepared for the moment he has dreaded since the first time it happened on June 8th


Giving me his best "CHEESE"

Where the "fun" took place

So what exactly do they do?

They drill this:
Jamshidi needle into his hip bone

Then they suck out some bone marrow and take a bone sample.
and in case you were wondering- it's NOT fun!

But despite it all, we are very blessed and extremely grateful for all the love and support shown to our family.




Mindy Burns said...

Cancer does suck!!!! I know it was a rough day with the bone marrow glad he got through it and you were there to support him and it's OVER! What a trooper! Your family is so loved and obviously prayers are going out on behalf of your family........I love when you mention the blessings that come along with this trial! You are amazing and so is RYAN!

Banta Family said...

We just want you guys to know that you are in our thoughts and prayers everyday and that we love you. Keep happy thoughts and visualize your future. Hang in there.
love the Shumways and the Bantas

Val and Debbie said...

HELLO from Smoot! It's so wonderful to see your smiles! Thanks for sharing! It encourages and blesses us to see your little family so united together. We're so glad your parents can be with you to help out. You're always in our prayer! WITH LOVE!

Agnes said...

You are a BRAVE man Ryan!!! Thank you for your example!! Thank you TEAM RYAN for another great's great to see how well everyone is doing. We loved the picture of Ryan and Max! You continue to be in our thoughts and prayers.


Agnes, Tim and Family

Ryanne said...

Max's haircut looks great! Senneca and Connor took scissors to their hair the same time as Max, luckily Senneca didn't cut quite that much. Thanks for the great update and keeping it all together Margie.

John + Jamie = A Delavan Family said...

We love you guys, thank you for keeping us updated. It is great to see the smiles, and my favorite part was the last picture with Ryan holding up the shirt, did you guys get it? :)
please know that the Delavan's are thinking about you and missing your family.

Agnes said...

Hi guys!
I just saw that Tim already replied but I wanted to reply too :) I love reading all your posts Margie-- Ryan is so blessed to have you around! Your strength gives me strength. Now all I need is your talent with the camera! :)
Max looks cute with his new hair cut! You are in our Prayers Guys!

Seth and Julie said...

Go Ryan, don't be letting cancer make you lay around and be sick or anything. I love that you are out there playing and even working. Yay for feeling good!

I love Max's haircut. His eyes just sparkle, like his Papa's.

Kim Thacker said...

Yikes, I'll never complain about an epidural needle again! We're so glad the biopsy is over, and that you have been able to work and play and spend time with your sweet family. Max's hair (or lack thereof) looks great!!! Love to you all.