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August 28, 2010


It's Saturday morning and it's CLEANING DAY.
I had been moving some things around in my room and decided to make use of some empty space under my bed. I looked under the bed and started digging out some random things like kids toys, DUST and then found a folded up piece of paper. I opened it up and to my surprise read this:

Tears welled up in my eyes and I just sat there thinking why I had written this note and when. All I could think of was that I left the note on Ryan's pillow because we were going to meet up somewhere...

I just couldn't get over finding this note because it still VERY much applies!

I will see Ryan again...we ALL will.

Love YOU


Agnes said...

What a sweet reminder to all of us Margie. Nothing like a sweet note to make cleaning a little easier!

We love you guys!

Agnes and Tim

Kim said...

What a wonderfully comforting note! A tender mercy, I think. :)

Hugs to you all!

sabrina said...

So true. when I saw the note it reminded me of that country song. Where the grandma had years ago writtena note to the granfather about waiting for her and how she will meet him later. And he showed the grandson the note right before she passes away. I cannot remember the name and I just heard it the other day. If I remember I will let you know. Love from your south Fl family.

Shannon Jenkins said...

How NEAT, Margie! So sweet and special... <3

Katelin said...

Wow! That's so neat. I can just picture him smiling when you found it! Love you!

Miranda said...

The song is called "Love Me" by colin raye. Why are country songs always tear jerkers? I should start listening to rap

Willis Family said...

I agree with Katelin. I'm sure he was just waiting for you to pull that note out. I'm sure he can't wait to meet you there. Love you!

Hoopes Family said...

Thanks for continuing to post. Each one is so inspirational. How wonderful to know that, yes, you WILL see Ryan again.

Mandi Moon said...

Your positive attitude is such an inspiration to me! It's nice to know that we will be able to see the ones we love again.

Brooke Hunt (aka Mr. Burns) said...

what a comfort to know we WILL ABSOLUTELY SEE HIM AGAIN... sometimes people ask how I KNOW?!? I don't know how they go through life WITHOUT knowing... it's only fair that a loving Father would create ETERNAL families! Love ya!!!