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January 6, 2010


January 2, 2010 marked DAY 100 post transplant.

What does THAT mean?

It means it's time for all the testing.

Yesterday Ryan had his CAT and PET scan done.

Today he has his bone marrow biopsy. He is having it done at the hospital under conscious sedation- so hopefully THIS time, he wont FEEL or really remember a thing!

So... here's to GOOD results!

We meet with Dr. Yeager (transplant doc) next Tuesday for ALL the results.

Everyday is a day to be THANKFUL!

LOVE to all for your continued support!



Seth and Julie said...

Wow! 100 days, really? We are sending prayers for a much better biopsy this time, and the results that we have been waiting for...the results that make all those cursed tests transform into MIRACLES.

Love you guys!!!!

The Collard Clan said...

We are still thinking of you guys! Keep fighting. BTW - I loved the song on your blog 'Smile' by Uncle kracker...what a perfect song.

Anonymous said...

Do research about vitamin B17, it helps fight cancer.

Scuffham Family said...

We will keep checking the blog to hear all the good news from these tests. I agree- love the song on your blog, it's perfect. Sending so much love & prayers your way!!

Kim said...

We're praying for you!

Katelin said...

Can't believe it's been 100 days! We'll add in some extra prayers, although you are in every prayer that goes out from this joint already!! We love you!

whirligigdaisy said...

Hope all those tests are all good news.

Ryanne said...

Its been 8 years for us too, crazy! You guys are so cute. And I hope next week brings good news. Love you guys!

Hoenes Family said...

I hope all goes well on Tuesday. Happy 8 years to you guys!