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January 14, 2010


Today, Ryan will be getting his Hickman triple catheter taken out... in an hour actually!

Is he excited? Yes and no.

Yes, because it will allow him to do so much more:

-Take baths and swim
-Move his arm without feeling like he will rip his line out of his chest
-Sleep comfortably on his stomach

And I will be selfish and say one reason why I am excited:

-So when we cuddle, I can put my head on EITHER side of his chest, without accidentally pulling on his line or hurting him.

Why No?

Because really, who LIKES getting pricked with a needle?!?!?!?!?!

So, here's one last look at the cath (or his third "teet with three udders" as me and him referred to it) that enabled his chemo, meds and blood draws to be done with so much ease and accessibility:
(side note: i LOVE the picture on the top right here. Look at that happy, HEALTHY face- LOVE him!)
It's gonna be a bittersweet moment when its gone.
(and maybe a little painful too- that's 4 months of scar tissue and muscle forming around it)
Just one more step towards FREEDOM!

Can I just say one more thing. Thank you all for your comments, it really does make Ryan's day reading all the wonderful things you say. When he was in transplant and undergoing chemo he slept a lot, anywhere from 20-22 hours a day and in the limited time he was awake, it was those blog comments (and seeing his family) that brought happiness into his heart, especially when it was too painful to smile!

I know words will NEVER express how thankful we are and how blessed we feel for all that has been done on behalf of our family. Our hearts are extremely full of gratitude, hope and love.
Thank YOU!
***We LOVE you TEAM RYAN supporters***


Melissa said...

Both Hans and I have been following your blog and praying, and weeping with you. I have tears streaming down my face right now! We're so happy for your sweet little family. You have been so optomistic and inspirational throughout this battle! Thank you for taking the time to share this journey on your blog. We love you and will continue to pray for Ryan!
much love,
Melissa Hendershot

Katelin said...

So long to that catheter--and may he never have to have any kind ever again! :o)

Gary said...

Yes, I'm sure there are mixed emotions with taking the line out - but now when I hug you, I can hug either side! Hopefully the blood draws, etc., will be few and far in between. Yes,eyes still brimming with tears of joy.
Love you guys, and can't wait to see all you!
Mom Hess

The Collard Clan said...

I was showing your blog to my 6 year old and she was looking at all of your pictures. She said, "Is that his family?" I said "Yep" she then asked, "where is their dog? or do they not have one? Do they have a cat??" :-) Oohh - the concerns and worries of a 6 year old. :-)

LISA said...

You have done a good job of capturing this "freedom" day for Ryan. I really liked the part of sleeping on his stomach!!

Ok, so now I was wondering what happened to the contest about his hair? curly, straight, wavy??? color???? when will it start growing back?

Hugs and Kisses for your aunts and uncles in CA. We keep each other informed about you guys. Just know we are SOOOOO excited and thankful to God for the great news!

LISA said...

Sorry I meant hugs and kisses FROM your aunts and uncles in CA.....sowwwwy!

Mr. Burns said...

What GREAT news! I love seeing his hair growing back. I love that you'll be able to cuddle on either side of his chest, I love that Holidays from now on will be spent where you want... I am grateful your family has a second chance, and I am grateful this past 7 months has made you rock solid. You have each other, you have your testimonies, and now... you all have your health too. We are quite possibly some of the most blessed people on earth because of those facts! Congrats to your victory Ryan, Congrats to YOUR FREEDOM, congrats to a courageous team captain/head coach who faced mortality with faith & hope & optomism. Margie & Ryan & Hallie & Max- we LOVE you. This experience will bless your family forever!

Kim said...

I hope the catheter removal went well! Another step toward freedom (and cuddling)! We are all flying high with your victory over this, Ryan. Margie, you're such a wonderfully supportive wife! You're both an inspiration to us. What a cool, cool miracle.

Agnes said...

Yeah! I love sleeping on my stomache too! I'm so excited for you guys! We love you!

The Kindle Family said...

Hey ya'll, glad about the good news. Your family earned it!

dougandcheryl said...

Yay! I am so excited to see all of these wonderful things happening.

The Dunn's said...

Hey Ryan,
Clover and I have been following your blog from the minute we found out all that you were going through. I'm sure one of the many reasons you have been so strong through all of this is that you served in the best mission in the world:) You have been an inspiration to our family and we hope and pray that you will continue to fight the good fight. You are in our thoughts and prayers.

Luke, Clover, Blake and Paisley.