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January 12, 2010

Best news EVER!

We went into clinic for the usual appointment to be followed with an appointment with Dr. Yeager- Ryan's transplant doc.

The labs went quick, they drew the usual 5 or so vials of blood, flushed and re-capped his lines and then told us to wait there until Dr. Yeager was ready. We waited...and waited... and waited...

Dr. Yeager was REALLY behind schedule and we were VERY anxious.

The entire time we sat waiting for someone to say SOMETHING about his tests...NOTHING.

The nurses came in to talk about Ryan getting his line taken out and that he would be "discharged" from their care at UMC back to his primary oncologist.

Did this mean the news was good?!?!?! Why else would they talk about getting his line taken out and going back to his primary oncologist?

Well, after waiting 1.5 hours, it was time to go down to see Dr. Yeager.

We weren't scared for the news at all, although anxious to hear the news, we both really were at peace.


So Dr. Yeager comes in and tells Ryan that his labs look GREAT and that Ryan looks GREAT!
He then discussed some of the things Ryan is dealing with: the cold, edema (fluid retention), vomiting (unfortunately yes) and all the meds he is currently taking.

He then says,

"Have you heard the GOOD news?"

Ryan and I both smiled, and looked an one another and said, "No. But we are REALLY excited to hear it!"

Dr. Yeager then says:
"Well, I hate to keep you waiting...
But the PET/CAT scan is negative! The ONLY thing the report confirms is that you have a cold (he laughs... we laugh). It says, 'there is inflammation in the sinuses.' Isn't that funny, it's telling us you have a COLD! BUT there are NO traces of cancer there."

He then flips the page and says, "And for your bone marrow...ALL NEGATIVE! You still have 100% donor marrow and NO signs of cancer! Wonderful...Wonderful news! You are doing WONDERFULLY. Things are looking good."

Ry got teary eyed and I cried.
We just sat there so happy and with even BIGGER smiles on our faces then the last time.

Our hearts have continually been filled with so much gratitude for prayers that have been heard and prayers that have been answered..we have witnessed a miracle take place.

Ryan was given a 35% chance to live and now he is in REMISSION!

Dr. Yeager answered some questions that we had (I will get to that later) and then proceeded to tell us what lies ahead:

Ryan will be able to get his line out (on THURSDAY to be exact).
Ryan will now be seen by his primary oncologist (Dr. Ahmad @ Arizona Oncology)
Ryan will only have to get labs done every 2-3 weeks

His NEXT round of tests are at his 6 month mark, which is mid/late March. He will have ANOTHER bone marrow biopsy, another CAT/PET scan and a lung function test (chemo can mess up your lungs, so this tests for how well your lungs work).

He said that around 6 months they will start to taper Ryan off his immunosuppressants and hopefully if Ryan continues to do well, he should be able to get back to work around June/July.

Then his NEXT set of tests are at 1 year (Sept), so another bone marrow biopsy, more scans and then Ryan gets his BABY SHOTS! Yup, that's right, he has to get them ALL over again!

We thanked Dr. Yeager and he humbly said, "It's NOT me, you were the one fighting. You have put in the hard work. You have been through so much. It's YOU... not me."

Thank you Dr. Yeager
He is AWESOME. Such a GREAT Doctor. He shows so much compassion for his patients and has such a love for the work. We are so blessed to be here in Tuscon, AZ to be surrounded by such a wonderful team of medical experts who love and excel at what they do.

Thank YOU!

Ryan then had to get some blood work done to prepare him for his line getting pulled on Thursday. The sad thing is, they had to prick his poor little arm.

He better get used to it because without his line, his only choice is a needle and he'll be getting pricked at EVERY visit from here on out.

Ryan isn't looking forward to the needle pricks, but he SURE is excited to get rid of his line.


What wonderful news to begin our 2010 year

Thank you to EVERYONE that has supported and prayed for Ryan.
We couldn't have done this without you!




Seth and Julie said...

You did it Ryan!!!! I knew you would. I knew it. I knew it. I knew it. I never cared what those stupid statistics said. I knew you would make it. Thank goodness for good doctors, but Heavenly Father can beat any statistic, any time!

Love you guys! I am crying the super happiest tears EVER!!!!

Brickyardshopper said...


LISA said...

God is great! You guys have gone through so much for being so young! I just thank God. Yes, Ryan you fought and fought hard. Nothing, absolutely nothing is more important than the news your Dr. gave you today!!!

The Thomasons said...

YAY!!! Of course I cried when we read the news. We are so happy for your family. You are all amazing people...even the little guys in the family. You must have a lot of good in store! Way to go team Ryan!!! Heavenly Father has truly blessed you and all of us who have been blessed by your faith and strength.

Anonymous said...

What a day of waiting for the news!!!! I had to get up and leave a meeting this afternoon cause I couldn't stand the wait any longer. You called with such good news while I was driving home, that I had to pull off, have a good cry and thank Heavenly Father for this miracle! Every time I think about it, new tears roll down my cheeks. Loved the big SMILE on your face despite the needle poke!
Love you all so much!
Mom Hess

The Dunn's said...

That is so wonderful. You guys are an amazing family. We wish you all the best.

Heather said...

So great to hear!! Go celebrate!

Mindy Burns said...

We are so so so happy!!! It is the best news ever! We love you guys so much and are so grateful for the strength you've shown us this year! We are so lucky to be your family here in AZ :)

Camie Rae Coles said...

I am so dang happy for you! I don't think I've ever been so happy! Really, I know this is an answer to many, many prayers and I hope you guys know how much I love ya! YAY!! Happy tears!!

dougandcheryl said...

That is wonderful news! We are so thrilled for you guys. You are such a strong and amazing family.

Emily said...

Yeh!!!! We are so excited for you and will continue to pray that things go well! I think that 2010 is going to be a great year for! Good job!! You really are fighters!

Amy said...

Such an amazing end to all that you have been through as a family. What a way to start the New Year, CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Kristen Ann said...

Wonderful!! A true miracle! Your fight was worth it! I will continue to pray for you as you transition back into life. Life is so much sweeter after an experience like this.

peter said...

I read the whole blog post to my Daughter who hasn't stopped praying for "Dad's friend" Ryan Hess to get better so he can be with his family. You are an inspiration and a testimony to the power of prayer. We are so happy for you and your family. Way to go Ryan.

Erin S said...

YAY! So happy for you guys!

Anonymous said...

I don't know how many times I checked the cumputer to see if the GOOD NEWS was in. I guess I went to bed too early because it was the last thing I did before climbing in! The 2 of you have been such an inspiration to watch. We will thank Heavenly Father often and will continue to pray for the day that you walk back into a hospital to work! What a day that will be.
Melissa Hartung

The Brown Bunch said...

Hess Family - We are so happy to hear the wonderful news! May the Lord continue to bless you!
Aaron & Shanna Brown

Susie said...

Congratulations Ryan,I knew you would beat it but this is the greatest news ever. My prayers have been answered, from Susie (Julie Johnson's mom), a kindness to my kids from you guys was never forgotten, thank you.

Amy said...

Oh, wow! What GREAT news! Ahhhhh! We're so grateful for our Heavenly Father who hears and answers all of our prayers. Oh, goodness, this makes us so happy! Happy, happy 2010!

Mandi Moon said...

WOW!!! I have been so behind on your status with my lack of internet! What amazing news and Ryan looks a thousand times better! I am SO happy for you guys! I knew with all the love and support you guys had that Ryan would be able to fight and keep fighting this! I am so happy! Tears of joy to be precise! Love to your family and to you Ryan! XOXO

Jared & Courtney Jackson said...

Congratulations! I can not tell you the overwhelming joy that I have for you and your family Ryan. What a fighting you have been. I am so happy that you may start your new year with such great news.

webster said...


Tony and Ann said...

With Seth & Julie praying for you, the outcome had to be good! Guess this is more than a "tender mercy" and I am so happy for you guys! Congratulations, and keep smiling.
(from Seth's mom)

Kim said...

YES!!!!!!! We are so, so, SO happy for you! Miracles happen, and I'm so glad we've all witnessed this HUGE miracle! Thank you for letting us be a part of it. We love you all, and WE HOPE YOU GET OVER THAT DANG COLD! :)

Anonymous said...


we are so excited for you, Margie, the kids, us, I guess everybody. When I told Noah, his first comment was, "so we can stop praying for Uncle Ryan in every prayer now?" :) I said "no, he still needs to get strong". Noah's response, "oh, he's wimpy, I mean weak". Well you certainly aren't wimpy. We love you so much!! And are hoping to see you really soon!

Love Jen

p.s. is that hair on your head?

Rob and Karina said...


We cant tell you enough how excited we are for you and your family. Congratulations! That is great news. I have to tell you though that last night I had a dream that you were doing so well that you came to the hospital to anounce that you were coming back to work in July. And then today I read this. How cool is that? We are glad you are doing so well and hope to see you back soon.

Rob Andersen

Katelin said...

Congratulations!!!! I'm SO happy, happy, happy for you! I loved reading everyone else's comments and all the love and well wishes, but now I feel like there is no more to add to what's already been said. But, how amazing are you all?!! I'm so proud of you! And once again, thank you so much for bringing us along, especially to share in this joyful news! Love you!

Tanya said...

Such happy, and well deserved news, congrats! Amazing! I've seen a few miracles through fights against cancer. It's been so amazing to me the strength that the individuals have, and continue to have as the fight is trying to be won. You have been so inspiring to us. Your faith and determination through the whole ordeal. This was so hard for us,( and many others) to watch you guys go through such a trying time, All we wanted to do was help and ease some of your pain. The emotional pain can be so unbearable sometimes. Thanks for letting us join in your journey of triumph. We sure do love you guys, and will be forever grateful for your friendship. We will forever keep you in our prayers. Love ya!
Brian, Tanya, Taylor, McKenzie, Jackson, and Case Griffeth

Kylee said...

We are so grateful to hear this news! We definitely have a prayer of huge thanksgiving in our hearts for this amazing blessing. We are so grateful for your strong courage and examples. We admire you so much and are so happy for this very positive turn in your road.

Shane & Kylee

Seth and Julie said...

Okay, this is the 6 jillioneth time I have clicked and read this today. It is like a good healthy drug that induces instant happiness and gratitude. I don't mean to be obnoxious and comment again, but I just wanted to say that I forgot to say earlier...

Yay Margie
Yay Hallie
Yay Max

You all did it!!!

And super big hugs to your docs, who are my new heroes, and to Mitchell whose name I will never forget even if I never meet him.

Yay for the whole team, and of course for Heavenly Father. My kids have witnessed a miracle and I don't think they will forget it since Ryan's name is tatooed on their prayers. I am still bursting with happiness and I suppose I could go on and on, but I will stop stalking you, until morning.

melissa said...

So so so so soooo excited for you guys!! Remission is probably the happiest word in the world! I'm so glad to hear that all of the prayers have paid off. Don't worry though...I'll still be throwing them up there for you ;)

The Collard Clan said...

I had a feeling that 2010 was going to be a much better year!!! With this news I think we are all off to a great start. I heard in church last sunday,"Fear and Faith can not exsist together." How true is that. Sounds like you are (hopefully) on the way out of this rough stage in your life - keep the faith and you wont fear the future. Now go and celebrate!!

Jeanette said...

So excited for you!! Congratulations Ryan. Love that sweet family of yours!

Mike and Lisa said...

We cannot express how happy we are for your good news!! What a blessing it is to receive such a miracle. What a fighter Ryan and all of you truly are!!

TheTexasSpud said...

This is great news!! I am reminded in moments like this that we are all part of such a big marvelous picture. This moment assures that the Lord and the plan of salvation are so much bigger than our trials. Thank you for sharing this miracle and victory. God bless you and your remarkable family!
Your friend,
Spencer Smith

Agnes said...

You can't stop the tears from comming to your eyes while reading that! I'm SO HAPPY for you guys!! You guys have gone through so much and as his wife Margie you have been SO STRONG. I'm glad you finally get to cuddle with out hurting him. :) All I have to say is Heabenly Father knows each of us and he know our needs. Tim had a Wonderful time hanging out with Ryan can't wait till we all can come see you guys! We Love you! :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! It brings tears to my eyes to see your family's joy and courage. I love to see your happy, smiling, healthy grin too Ryan.
From an AVOW friend.