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October 24, 2010

Love Letters...

People ask me all the time how the kids and I are doing...
Very well.

I think some people may think it is just a front I put on or just something to say, but really, we are all doing good.

I want to keep the TEAM RYAN blog mainly about Ryan and the wonderful life he lived, but still keep everyone up to date with our little family.

I am really excited to invite everyone to MY blog called DEAR RYAN.

I am still in the process of trying to get the layout all worked out and since I am not super computer savvy, it's definitely a work in progress... but I'm getting there. In the mean time, I hope you enjoy the updates on how we are "really" doing.

The blog will definitely be full of pictures (did you expect anything different from me?!?), day to day stuff, thoughts, reflections and just complete openness as we continue to keep chugging along :)

Come visit:

Thanks to EVERYONE for all the love and support



Willis Family said...

Woohooo!!!! Another great blog I can follow of yours :) I'm so glad. You're constantly in my thoughts and prayers. Thanks for all you do!

vandi said...

What a neat idea: ) I'm so excited for your new blog, and always look forward to posts you put on teamryanhess. Thanks for sharing your life. It's truly inspiring!

Seth and Julie said...

I am so glad you will keep blogging, here, there, or anywhere. I always get excited to see a new post from you.