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July 5, 2009

"Independence" day...

Ryan spent this past week trying to beat a fever that just didn't want to go away. The fever spiked to 104.7 and we started to think he was NEVER going to be able to leave.
During this past week Ryan slept a lot, but when he was awake and feeling good...
this is how he spent some of the time:

Shaving in the morning & getting ready for the day (Pre-shaved head)

Watching some car shows

(Does THIS surprise any of you?)

Enjoying the YUMMY hospital breakfast

(I ended up shaving Ryan's hair because it was coming out in clumps- the kids didn't seem to mind. When Max first saw Ryan with his new do, he said, "Papa... I get hair cut like YOU?")


Ryan LOVED sporting the hospital fashions:

-check out the SWEET hospital grippy socks-

Ryan not sure if he REALLY wanted to go for a walk with those cool socks on

Enjoyed time with the kids

Max wondering what that thing is on Ryan's wrist

Glove fun

Ryan was visited by another childhood friend.

Jason and Ryan had a fun night of PlayStation.


It's crazy how much stuff you accumulate after spending 3 weeks in the hospital.

Ryan had a GREAT team of nurses. You really get to know them well when you spend so much time in the hospital.

Here he is with his FAVE, Billi Jo

Look at how HAPPY Ryan is getting into the car, he hadn't been outside for 3 weeks.

It was TRULY an "Independence Day" we will NEVER forget!

Ryan was feeling GREAT all day long. He felt SO good that we were able to get out to see some fireworks.

Good Bye Northwest...

Won't be seeing THESE:

for a while



Katelin said...

Yay!! I'm so glad! I was hoping and praying that the fever would go down. Congrats! Glad you got to see some fireworks--that was a good welcome home party, I'm sure! :o)

Stacie said...

Happy Day!! I am so glad you are home.

Sara said...

How wonderful Ryan was able to enjoy the 4th out of the hospital! What a blessing!

Go Team Ryan!!!

Heather n Ryan said...

That gives a whole new meaning to idependence day! Im glad he was feeling better. And he doesnt look too bad with a shaved should do the whole family in support! In fact, we should have all the guys shave their Ryan is already going bald anyway!

Erin S said...

I'm glad Ryan finally got to come home! He looks pretty good with a shaved head too!

The Kindle Family said...

GREAT! Glad to see some pics, you look great! Thanks for keeping us updated. Have a good week!

Ryanne said...

Yeah! We're so happy you got to enjoy the 4th. You are the most beautiful family. We think of you every day.

Gha said...

Ryanstone!!! I'm glad to see you got the heck out of Dodge! JP came and visited too?! I'll bet it was good to see him. He's changed a lot since last time I saw him. Enjoy the stay at home. You're always in my thoughts and prayers.

Heather said...

Glad to hear he is out!!! Keep plugging along.

Theresa said...

Thinking of you from South America.....I hope Ryan is feeling better at home. God bless and take care.

Mindy Burns said...

We're so happy he gets a break from the hospital too!!!!! It was so great to see ALL of you this weekend! Marg- let someone take a picture of you and Ryan together! That's what's missing! I'll come over and take one for you to post! You are doing amazing and Ryan is so lucky to have you taking care of him!!! Go Ryan!

Seth and Julie said...

Hooray!!! I am in Utah and haven't been near a computer so as soon as I got near one I jumped on to check on Team Ryan and I am thrilled for some GOOD news! You guys all look great! I am glad to see you have all made yourselves at home at the hospital so you can be together. I love the picture of Ryan hugging Hallie!

Camille said...

Yeah! So glad you made it home. Ryan looks great shaved head and all, and I love your positive attitude! Definitely been praying for you guys over here!

Kim Thacker said...

Yay! We're all so glad you're home, Ryan.

Tanya said...

Your updates are great, thanks for doing your blog! We've been without internet for quite a while now. Somethings are really hard to check from Brian's phone. Congrats on getting out of the hospital... yeah!

LeShel said...

your family is truly beautiful. you don't know me but i wish we'd gotten to Kenosha soon enough to know you. everyone around here LOVES you.
Take care. You are in our prayers and thoughts.