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April 18, 2011


Ryan loved surprises.
He loved being on the receiving end, but equally as much, he enjoyed being on the giving end.
With his Dad's 60th birthday approaching and knowing ALL his siblings would be out, Ryan wanted to plan something fun and SPECIAL- Ryan's dad LOVES Western movies, guns and all things related. So, what could be better than a trip to TOMBSTONE, AZ with the entire family?!?
{Tombstone, AZ is formerly a mining boomtown and most famous for its history as a frontier town on the edge of the American frontier, the Wild West and the site of the Gunfight at the O.K. Corral- borrowed from Wikepedia}

So, OFF we went...
Ryan's dad had NO idea where we were going, so he was pleasantly surprised when we pulled up for this:
The trolley ride was entertaining, informational and totally recommended!

Our next stop:

A fun place to eat and watch a gunfight

The Birthday Boy:

The Fam
~Families ARE Forever~

Aunt Anna and Hallie

The big Hess Boys:

this little Hessner was in his GLORY with all these guns

Yup, a sign for our very own Ryanstone Cowboy:
After the checking out all the shops, the trip wouldn't have been complete without some Old Time Western photos:

It was perfect: the weather, the togetherness, the fun, and most importantly-the memories created...


Mike & Lila Family said...

thank you for these posts. i love all the pictures but am especially touched by the picture of the siblings and parents. it must feel surreal that you were able to capture these wonderful moments even knowing what was to come. then again, i'm sure that is exactly why you were able to and that takes a lot of strength. Your children and grandchildren with cherish that you documented these days. I just got my blog made to a book and it came in the mail this week. it's beauty pales in comparison to what this can look like in a book to save for your family. God Bless. You are a beautiful woman in and out. - Lila

body lift said...

Really, Ryan surprised everyone. All of your family members would have been can't imagine it. In fact, I am also surprised with his work.

dougandcheryl said...

What a fun outing! It looks like you guys had a great time. What a fun place to go.
I just love those old time pictures and the one of Max in the shop. They are so cute!

Lorna said...

Very fun to look at Team Ryan and see a new post. (Not that you're not busy or anything =c)

What a cool experience for your whole family! And what a beautiful treasured memory for everyone to hold dear. So happy you guys got to do this together. Must have been one of Ryan's dad's best birthdays ever!

Katelin said...

Thanks for sharing the post, Margie!! Love the pix, especially the old timey one. You are all awesome!

Seth and Julie said...

I am so glad you are posting these memories but I totally get why you have been putting it off. It really pulled my heart strings to see these pictures of the whole Hess family together. It made my day to see Ryan again but broke my heart at the same time. These pictures will be treasured by your kids forever, until the very day when you all rejoin Ryan. Families are forever Margie, no doubt! Love you!

Ryanne said...

I can see why these posts are going to be hard to write. But also so worth the bitter sweetness. The old time western pictures are my favorite. Thanks for sharing these moments with us.