Follow along and read about how Ryan spent his final days surrounded by those he loved the most... his FAMILY.

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May 18, 2010

Memorial Service Information

There will be two services- Arizona and Wyoming


When: Saturday May 22, 2010
Where: Sahuarita LDS Church
17699 S Camino De Las Quintas
Time: 10-11:45- Viewing
12pm- Funeral Service


When: Wendsday May 26, 2010
Where: Schwab Funeral Home
44 East 4th Avenue
Afton, WY 83110
Time: 7-9pm


When: Thursday May 27, 2010
Where: Smoot LDS Church
3166 State Highway 241
Afton, WY 83110
Time: 10-11:45- Viewing
12pm- Funeral Service


The Kindle Family said...

Margie~ Can people still donate to Ryan's fund? Or would you like them to donate to the Ken Olsen Foundation?

Mr. Burns said...

Hey Margie- will there be a luncheon after? and if so- what can we bring? I have had at least 5 people offer to bring food if you'd like- I can help coordinate anything. Let me know, Thanks.
Love you
Brooke Hunt

lori krohmer said...


As the first post asked... could we still donate to your fund or would you like it to go to the other one? Thinking of and praying for you and your little ones.

Kim said...

I would imagine we can donate wherever we feel would be best. I hope that people will donate to the Ken Olsen Foundation in Ryan's name, but as a widowed mother of four kids myself, I would also like to see that people are still thinking of Margie and their kids.

lori krohmer said...


That was my thinking.... a donation to each to spread the wealth out to both causes.

Allen Fam said...

I am not sure about how things are working now, but previously, the Ken Olsen foundation passed on all donations in Ryan's name directly to the family. By donating to the foundation, a non-profit organization, the donor is able to deduct the donation for tax purposes.

As I said, I don't know if this is still happening, but I suspect it is.

Victoria said...


This is Vicky Silvers, I am an editor for We are a medical publication whose focus is geared towards promoting awareness on hospitals, including information, news, and reviews on them. We would like to have our site included within your blog and offer our information to your readers, of course we would be more than happy to list your website within our directory as well.

vicky silvers

ABOUT RYAN said...

Hi Friends,

Donations made to the Ken Olson Foundation would stay WITHIN the Ken Olson Foundation. Donations made to our family would stay with our family. Please feel free to donate wherever :)

Thank you ALL for the continued LOVE and SUPPORT :)


Erin said...

So sorry to hear about this. I am new to the ward, so I didn't know that we had a family going through this. Your family is in our thoughts and prayers.

Travis & Shauna Snow said...

I stumbled across your blog after I became a fan on facebook(my brother went to med school with Ryan),I don't know you, your family, or Ryan, but the documentation of your journey has given me a much needed new perspective on life. Life is a gift. Everyday we have with the ones we love is precious and often taken for granted. I am truly sorry for your loss, Ryan sounded like an amazing, father, husband, brother, son, and friend. I suspect Team Ryan Hess will live on....thank you so much

Hoopes Family said...

We are so sorry to hear of Ryan's passing, and will continue to keep you and your children in our thoughts & prayers. We will be attending the funeral in WY (I grew up with Ryan in Smoot), and would like to help in any way possible. My mom is the RS president in Smoot Ward, so I can pass a message along to her, if needed, about whatever you may need. My email is
Again, we are continually thinking of & praying for your family.
-Kelli (Harris) Hoopes

BeeP said...

I'm so very sorry for your loss. I wish we were able to be in WY at the funeral, but our thoughts and prayers will be with you.
Love, Jen (Jones) Boyd

Norm & Debbie said...

Dear Margie and family,
Thank you for sharing your testimony through your blog, and for sharing Ryan with strangers like us. (Our son, Janson Holm, is a podiatry resident about Ryan's age.) Our prayers are with you. We are so glad that Ryan is with our Father.
Sincerely, Norm and Debbie Holm

Emily said...

We love you and our prayers are with you all. I wish we could be there to give you a big hug and pay our respects in person but we will be thinking of you from a distance!

Teeples Family said...

Margie & kids,
Our family sends our condolences and want you to know that our thoughts and prayers are with you. I am a "Harris"--and grew up right down the road from the Hess family. Your sister-in-law Jennifer, and I were good friends. I hope that during this time, and for many years to come, that you feel the arms of the Lord around you. Ryan's fight with cancer and the love and support that you have given him is truly an example of the eternal love of a family. Thank you for sharing the triumph, and even the heartache with us.
Kristeen & Ryan Teeples & family

Rileys said...


You don't know me and I don't know you but you must be an amazing person for having gone through the fight that you have gone through. My name is Jesse Riley and I was Ryan's companion for two months in the MTC before we went out to our respective fields of labor (mine in beautiful tropical Puerto Rico and poor Hess' in (maybe) beautiful (definitely not) tropical Wisconsin). Ryan was a truly remarkable person and I was honored to get the chance to spend 24 hours every day with him for two months (plus his doctor visit's when he was diagnosed with Crohn's got us out of the MTC a few times!) He was a great example to me of what a missionary should be and several times while in the field I found myself wondering what he would do in my situation. Unfortunately I didn't do the best at keeping in touch with Ryan and had no idea that he was going through all of this. Ironically I am a 4th year podiatry student in Ohio now and came across an announcement in the daily Podiatry Management email that I get. I didn't think there was any chance that it would really be him and when I clicked the link that brought me to your blog I was shocked and saddened. I happened to find one of our attendings looking at the same thing and talking about Ryan. Turns out that he and some of his colleagues here in the Cleveland VA had donated some of their vacation time to help Ryan with his needed time off for treatment. Ryan was always the type of kid to bring out the best in people. At any rate, I apologize for the novel but I just wanted to contact you and let you know that I feel deeply for you and your family and to let you know that the same great guy that you are married to was great even all the way back then. I will be back in Utah in a few days and plan to go through a bunch of my mission photos and will scan the ones that I have and email them to you if you would like. You can email me your your email address at Again I am so sorry for your loss and my wife and I are keeping your family in our prayers.

Best regards,

Aubri said...

Ryan and Family-
I'm so sad that I can't make it to the SV funeral but know that my prayers and love are with you.
Thank you so much for the wonderful person you are Ryan. I've said it before but Hallelujah for you Ryan-Hallelujah.


dougandcheryl said...

WE're thinking of you today.

John + Jamie = A Delavan Family said...

Margie, thinking of you today, love you -jamie

The Thomasons said...

You are in my thoughts and prayers So much! I've cried many tears for you. I just wanted you to know we're thinking of you,praying for you, and love you.

Taylor said...

Loving you & your family very much.

Love, Taylor, Darin & Family Thomas

Mr. Burns said...

Margie- the service here was beautiful. It has stayed in my heart all week. I thought the life sketch was beautiful & couldn't have been any more perfect. I am thinking of you daily & just wanted you to know.

Anonymous said...

I say "yes" to continuing the team.hess blog. I hope to hear the rest of the story . . .

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