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February 4, 2010

The big 3...OHhhhhh

What a year.
Who'd ever think that turning 30 would be SUCH a big deal.
It is!
(If you aren't sure why, go to the first post on this blog and read on...)

What can I say to describe Ryan besides being just a good ole' Wyoming boy?
Well, he is one of the most loyal, trustworthy people you will EVER meet. He is super mellow and a HUGE tease. He LOVES cars and being outside. He is a GREAT husband and father. He is a fighter, is very sincere and just a good, good guy...
I think anyone who knows him, will totally agree with me.

Take some time to check out this country cutie, back in the day...
Ryan has ALWAYS had a love for the outdoors...

Look at those CURLS... i LOVE it!!!!

A dance recital...
( only lasted ONE year)

Can you guess who Ryan is with here?

He grew up with some of the BEST friends...EVER
CBS crew

The CUTEST little wrestler I've EVER seen!

Ryan would have stayed outside playing all day long

on a date before we were married

Most recent pix of Ry...with HAIR :)

I just want to cry right now because I feel so happy. So happy that Ryan is HOME and feeling well enough to celebrate.
So much to CELEBRATE and SO much to be THANKFUL for!
Happy Birthday to my country boy.

Love YOU!


dougandcheryl said...

Happy Birthday! I hope you have a HUGE celebration.

Debra said...

What a trip down memory lane, and, put to that music, what else is a mother to do but smile through all the happy tears! HAPPY BIRTHDAY Ryan, we couldn't ask for a better son, and we are so blessed to have you as a part of our family!!

Love, Mom and Dad

Seth and Julie said...

How cute! I can't believe the curly blondish hair. I love the recent pic too. He looks so healthy! Everyone teased me when I turned 30 (cause all my friends are youngsters) but I never felt bummed about it. It is a gift. One more happy, healthy year of life. I bet Ryan understands that better than we do though. Happy 30th Birthday!!!

John + Jamie = A Delavan Family said...

Margie, thanks for sharing this post! so much to be thankful for!!!
and i loved all the pics, mostly the last one, Ryan does look so good and his smile is priceless!!
enjoy being 30 something now, Ryan!
Happy Birthday.
we miss you guys so much.
love the Delavans

Emily said...

Happy Birthday Ryan! I am so happy for you!!

So how do you know L. Tom Perry?? (I LOVE HIM!!!)

Heather said...

Happy birthday! Glad to see your hair coming back and everything going so great!

webster said...

Happy Birthday!!! You guys should come down here to play outside...Yosemite is super close!

Katelin said...

Those pictures are so awesome!! This might sound strange, but it makes me want to move to Wyoming--did I just say that? Seriously, that was so cool. It can't be oversimplified that this is a HUGE day for your family--congrats!! Happy Birthday, Ryan!

Kim said...

I loved seeing those pictures! It brought back memories galore. That lethal merry-go-round at the Smoot park! Sheesh, I remember getting thrown from that every time I set foot on it.

As for seeing the Smoot boys--what a great group of guys!

HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, RYAN (late)!!! What a year it's been for you and for your family. I feel so privileged to have grown up with you and to have been able to witness your good example since childhood. May there be MANY good years to come!

Ryanne said...

Happy Birthday Ryan! Thanks for sharing those sweet memories and pictures. Are Ryan and Elder P. related? Awesome picture!

melissa said...

Ryan is looking awesome! Almost like his old self again. Hope you guys have a fun birthday for him! Love all of the pics :)

Agnes said...

That was one of the BEST posts! I loved all the pictures! Thanks for sharing! We love you guys!

Paice Family said...

Hi! Boy some of those pictures bring back memories. I remember one time coming over to your house, and you showed me your Teddy Ruxpin. Good times. So glad to hear that you are in remission and feeling so much better. Hope you had a wonderful 30th birthday.

Ada G. (TX) said...

I first visited your blog back in Sept. At that time my husband had just had surgery to remove a cancerous tumor. He had Testicular Cancer. He went thur 1 round of chemo & in Dec when we celebrated his 29th b-day I was soo glad he was still with us & cancer free! I can only imagine how it would feel after a year of cancer treatments. Being a care giver to someone going thru chemo is very stressful. I have been very glad to have our faith & the support of church family.

Taylor said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Ryan! Margie, I LOVED the captured moments you shared and the music in the background. Tears were coming down just looking at these wonderful moments of your childhood, Ryan! Thanks for sharing such a sweet message of love and birthday wishes.

Mandi Moon said...

What great pics!!! Those bring back some major memories! =)