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December 8, 2009

Good times- Food, Family and Fun

We had such a fun, laid-back weekend.

Friday night kicked off our Christmas movie marathon. It began as we curled up in blankets, popped some popcorn and laughed our way through this silly movie:
The lights on the Christmas tree look beautiful, and it created a perfect setting to sit and watch the movie. Ryan and I loved seeing the excitement on the kids faces throughout the fun and SO cute!
I have to say, it also made me so happy to look over across the room and see Ryan's happy face. I know it sounds SUPER cheesy, but it's true. Our family has been so separated for the past 6 months and I often thought as I sat in the hospital, in the car driving back and forth, or as I knelt and said my prayers, "when will the moment come when we can JUST be together in a normal setting? No hospital, no doctors appointments, nothing...just US?"
Well, that time is here, and I LOVE each and every second of it. Sitting there, watching the movie, with the Christmas lights illuminating the faces of those I love the MOST was just so beautiful to me. I am so thankful to be where we are today...SO incredibly thankful!
Okay, sorry for side note... back to the movie night. Well, we headed off to bed and woke up early the next morning by two excited kids:
"Can we watch the NEXT Santa movie?"
As much as Ryan and I wanted to stay in our nice, warm bed, we had tithing settlement, so we needed to get up. After our meeting, we came home to a cozy house, I flipped on the Christmas lights, and it was time to watch #2:
After watching the movie, we got ready again and headed out the door to meet our friends for
It was our first time going and we couldn't wait.

Ryan making the first of a few tamale purchases:

Can we say YUM!?!

A fed Hallie is a happy Hallie
(like daughter)

The kids had a blast playing together

Amigitos cute!


Then we had tickets to attend an event @ the MY GYM in Tucson. They were sponsoring the event for the KEN OLSON FOUNDATION.

MY GYM is basically a big play place for kids:

Us "BIG kids" had fun too!
Then we went home and concluded our movie marathon with:
what a GREAT way to end our fun weekend.

Thanks to EVERYONE that made our weekend SO fun!

P.S.- Here is just ONE more reason why sitting together to watch a movie is so great:
Ryan needs to elevate these bad boys.
As you can see, he was NOT wearing his compression hose, just a normal pair of socks......OUCH!

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Will it go back to being lighter and curly like his YOUNGER days?!?!?
Super STINKING cute!



Seth and Julie said...

I love to see you guys just enjoying each other. Sounds like a great weekend!

I am so jealous of that indoor gym. My sister has one where she lives in CA too and I am wondering why CA and AZ have one and freezing cold Wisconsin doesn't?

Oh, and that picture of Ryan as a kid looks like Hallie. I have always thought she was your little mini-me but I am definitely seeing her Papa in her face now.

I am LOVING that these posts are mostly cancer free. Cancer is not riding shotgun anymore and that ROCKS. Don't get me wrong, I still want to know any news or updates so please keep posting those too.

Katelin said...

I'm going to have to get those movies to show my kids--sounds like a fun time--!! Actually, I've never seen any of them. I'm so glad you can enjoy those regular family things again!! What a great way to start the holiday season!! Yay!!

Mindy Burns said...

I'm so happy you guys had a great weekend and that we got to enjoy in some of it with you....I'm still craving more strawberry tamales! And I LOVE that you made an appearance in the blog post! So, my question is where is the amazing pic that I took of you and Ryan and the Tamale Festival? :) Keep Ryan in the "V" position so he doesn't get swollen, and tell him no more going out without his compression socks! We love you guys and feel so blessed to be your friends!

Kim said...

Christmas movies are the BEST! This is a special time of year. We want you to know that you're in good company in our prayers: Molly has been praying for "Santa and Mrs. Clause and their children." :) We're so glad you're having fun together, and THOSE TAMALES LOOK YUMMY!!!

Tanya said...

We love watching Christmas Movies together as a family as well. That's what we did this last weekend too. In fact I even made your caramel popcorn. I love that stuff! Can't wait till this weekend for another Christmas movie marathon.
Ryan "OUCH"! Your poor legs... I'm sure they itch too...? Best of luck! It's great to hear you guys are having some fun times.

Gary said...

Yep, that's my cute little five year old! Hey, don't you leave the house again without those SOCKS!
Love you all, Mom

body lift said...

Really great pictures of your family. Those would be really great moments for you and your family. They enjoyed lots of fun.